69 Days left and I took a trip to Wizard World Anaheim! For those who don't know Wizard World Anaheim is a comic and popular culture convention in Anaheim, where Disneyland is, if that helps.  I went with the excuse of work (since I work in comics) but between you and I, I really went to see the two Torchwood: Miracle Day actors who were there.Today I got to meet John de Lancie and
Ernie Hudson both who have guest roles on TW: MD. So today's blog is going to be my telling of my brief encounters with them.

First I talked to Ernie, he was there earlier. I opened with something along the lines of "Hey! I'm gonna be your biggest fan one day!" I then went on to explain that I love Torchwood and that since he's going to be on Torchwood I am destined to love him. By the way, when I mentioned him being on Torchwood he had a moment of recognition and then said "oh yea I am!" almost as if he'd forgotten. Ha! It was pretty funny. He did say he loved working on it and that he'd love to do more for them. I mentioned John Barrowman and he made the regular comments anyone who has met him makes, he's lovely to work with and so on.

Then I found John de Lancie who was sitting directly across from Ernie. I wonder if that was on purpose or if they even know each other or know the other one is on the new series. I should have asked. Anyway, I opened my conversation with John similarly about being a future fan. I think I said "I'm your biggest fan whose never seen you in anything" I know I am a horrible person to say these things but isn't it better to be honest? I'm not the sort to pretend to know his work, not my style. He was very sweet by the way, he again had nice things to say about John. AND he mentioned he was going to be filming more scenes for Torchwood on Monday (inside scoop). Then, THEN he said to me "Would you like to come on Monday and I'll show you around?" but he was teasing me, of course. Not nice to kid with me about these things! But he was good to chat to even though both he and Ernie gave away absolutely nothing about the series when I asked them.

All-in-all it was a fun day and I was glad to meet these two men who I am sure to adore in the future. Now I am wrapping up this blog so I can watch the new Doctor Who, forgive me. So have you guys seen these chaps work before? Are you excited to see them in Torchwood? Any guesses as to what their guest roles will be? xx


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5/1/2011 07:14:10 am

You should have been winking salaciously in that pic... *snicker*

5/11/2011 11:44:22 pm

I was very excited to see John de Lancie in the cast. I love him as Q in Star Trek..He was a brilliant baddy lol

But I must confess to not seeing him in anything else! lol

Mickie x


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