65  Days left and it's Star Wars day! Y'know what' great about Star Wars Day? I have a ways to relate it to Torchwood.

If you guys have been on the Official Star Wars Blog you may have run into a Torchwood related post or two.  One time they posted about the Star Wars reference in "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang".  James Marsters as  John Hart actually does a scarily accurate Princess Leia. That being said most of his fans know he's a master of accents. You can see that clip in the video below.

There is also another post of a picture that has never been fully explained, the Torchwood cast (well, John, Naoko and Burn) posing with Light Sabers and some of the puppets from Avenue Q. I have to assume that this was a night out at the theatre with special treatment thanks to John's connections. At any rate here's that picture.
It's a very odd picture when you look at each of them separately. John looks very comfortable wielding the preferred weapon of the Jedi but Burn looks sort of upset about it and Naoko is coming off as disinterested. So what I'm getting is it's Luke (John), Leia (Naoko) and Han (Burn) circa "A New Hope". But I love them all and Star Wars so let's enjoy the mysterious lunacy.

It's funny that John is taking the Luke role in that picture because in my opinion, both John and Jack are very much Han-like. I remember the first time I watched Doctor Who and I was coming up to the introduction of Jack my friend told me that I would like him because he was a mix of Han Solo and Mal Reynolds ("Firefly"). Obviously deeply loving those characters I was very excited to get to know Captain Jack.

I think if you consider Jack, especially during his time on Doctor Who, he is very much the charming, at times cheeky and yes even dashing hero that make Mal and Han classic characters. I think it's a good comparison and I bet John himself would more likely have dressed as Han for Halloween, while Jack would've slept with him. It occurs to me, if all 3 lived in the same universe I bet they would run into each other. I bet there is some very smuty fan fic out there about that.

This has really gone off topic a bit, but since I brought it up, how would you describe Jack to a new viewer? How was he described to you? Can you really equate any one or more other characters to the perfection that is Jack? xx


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5/5/2011 12:55:41 am

About the picture: as far as I know (and I can be very well mistaken) it was taken during the time Naoko Mori had a role in Avenue Q. So I'm guessing Burn and John went to see her show. Why they're wielding lightsabers, well, just might be the usual JB tomfoolery :-)

5/11/2011 11:13:20 pm

The Avenue Q pic may have something to do with Naoko as she was in the show at one point.

What makes you think Burns Han? Han never used a lightsaber lol he used gun! *grin* Maybe he's Ben lol

Anyway lightsabers are much more fun than a gun *says geek who owns one*

Oh and it's a great pic by the way...Maybe the light saber represents something else! lol *wink* Note how he is holding it...*stop Mickie stop!*

Mickie x


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