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64 Days left and I'm back to thinking about the people of earth and how the MDD (Miracle Day Dilemma) will effect them. I feel like I'm stuck on this and maybe it's getting old? But the problem is we only have so much information about TW: MD with which to speculate. We know no one can die and eventually our familiar Torchwood faces get involved in helping.

So until today I am thinking of one of the few things we can talk about, the way immortality will effect the common man. We've talked about the hardships physically and emotionally that the MDD will potentially cause them, but what about the hardships they might cause? We've talked about the possible causes for MDD and we've postulated how the team might deal with it (well we mentioned it) but we have not yet considered, the human threat to team Torchwood.

In a world where no one can die the human race would more than likely panic. That is the nature of man in the face of the unknown. Some might be quietly contemplative, others may be loud in their demand for answers but the one's to worry about are those who might aim to capitalize on the state of the world.  You have to consider that in a world where no one can die anarchy may ensue, communities may crumble. We may we see riots in the streets, the challenge of government, the attempted conquer of establishment and yes, a sinister plot or two.

Wouldn't it be interesting, if the cause of the MDD wasn't really the fight to win throughout the series? Consider if the cause was not the problem, maybe they know it will wear off or maybe they have a solution in site but int he meantime unsavory folks, might be taking advantage of the fact that the high ups are distracted by a world-wide epidemic and they are for the time being, indestructible. Something is telling me that this isn't a idea they are going to too fully explore in TW: MD, but it sure is a fun concept.

What do you all think? Could the big bad of TW: MD be a nefarious human suddenly gifted immortality? How do you think the masses would react to sudden world-wide immortality? How would you? xx


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Ffured fach
5/5/2011 16:25:57

I think we should all have sex.

5/5/2011 23:07:39

Interesting concept. It'll be interesting to see how all this play out with TW:MD.

Tammy a.k.a SOUL1essHarpy
5/5/2011 23:16:04

*Snort*...And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse.

This has the potential to be a very, erm, gross and gory season. Think about all the people that die daily in traffic crashes, or the people with other severe injuries, and if no one can die from them? Decapitations? *shudders*...blech. It'd be a ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE! yay for zombies!

But, I digress...

Then, you have all the people *ahem* who have ever wanted to just throttle/ kill the shit out of someone but didn't because of the consequences...or jail time! If no one can die from injuries, then why CAN'T you just run over your spouse? *giggle* Anyhowz, there's my two cents.

Good Job, Dana, dear! They haven't given us much to work with have they? Other than an inordinate amount of antici.............pation.

5/11/2011 23:04:16

As you said it is human nature to panic in the face of the unknown, especially something we really have no control over. If you look at reality, when truly awful things happen you will always find those who cannot cope in the face of such things and will take the only path they feel is open to them...suicide and with the MDD situation even that is not an option, so what would happen to those who would normally take that path? Madness?

I do think the situation would be both messy and frightening. You would get the nutcases who decide to TEST the immortality of people and find potential victims and attempt to kill them, be it by shooting, beating or what ever their twisted mind could come up with. Like I said messy and frightening. This is Torchwood and it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t see something like that happen. There’s some very sick people out there and their poor victims would have no escape via death.

I could see the cause being a human who may has found some alien tech that they use to initially make money and gain notoriety. But they’re ignorant of such technology and so have no idea, nor do they care, the potential damage it will cause…Wait I’m writing the story here! Lol But you can see what I’m getting at…I think lol

Yeh I agree with Ffured fach..I think we should all have sex. lol!

Mickie x


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