57 Days left and today I went on another adventure. My friend Jenni and I went to check out the filming location for Torchwood today to see if we could get a glimpse. I think either today or tomorrow is that last day of filming so we thought we'd give it one last go.

Unfortunately today was not as fruitful as other location visits I've been on during Torchwood's time in  LA. Not to worry though I did take a couple of pictures of signs (exciting I know) and a picture of a nearby establishment which provided us with a some serious laughs. So slide show follows.

TW sign pointing to the filming location. Not too exciting, but proof I was there!
More signs, I know I spoil you all.
OK this next one is going to be highly entertaining. or at least it was for me, ready? Nothing actually to do with Torchwood filming we just saw it on the same street and had a chuckle.
No really though. I thought this was too funny. JB - John Barrowman...roofing supplies..."He's good on roofs."
Sorry I have very little to report from the nothing we saw but how about I make it up to you by showing you something cool you can buy? TeeFury.com is a website that sells geeky t-shirts. But the trick is they sell one tee shirt design a day and only for that day and you can't get it again. It's cool and at times infuriating if you miss a really good one. They do frequently have Torchwood and Doctor Who designs so you really should keep up with them.

Anyway the good news, if you are reading this the day I am writing it is that today's tee is Torchwood related!! Hooray! Here's the graphic: (it's not ours we're not claiming any ownership but we figured if we posted it here more folks would buy it, teefury if you read this and you rather we didn't I'll take it down immediately)
Torchwood references as follows: Cardiff is home of Torchwood 3, the gauntlet is the "Risen Mitten", the pteranodon is Myfanwy (who lived in the Hub) and the year established is 1879 (when the Torchwood Institute was created by Queen Victoria.)
That is so awesome! And it's very geeky for people in the know. I love things that you have to be particularly geeky to understand. The designer who has created many tees for the site is AJ Paglia. I ordered one and I'm excited to get it. TIME CHANGES suck! And I hate doing math. I tried my best and I asked for help and as best as I can figure out you can order this shirt until 5amGMT on Saturday (UK TIME) and 9pm PT (US East coast) and 12pm ET (US West coast). I REALLY cannot guarantee those calculations but if you go the the site there is a countdown clock on the top right to how long you have left to buy today's tee. Find today's tee at the home page TeeFury.com If the design I posted isn't there, you missed the time period.

Ok, good luck to all. I hope you enjoyed the silly pictures and I encourage you all to buy this tee. I am so sad that Torchwood filming in the US is over, that means the UK gets custody of John Barrowman and crew again soon :(. It was nice while they were here.

Are you guys gonna buy the shirt? How funny was JB roofing supplies? Will you miss Torchwood in the US or happy for the team to soon be heading back to the UK? xx


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5/12/2011 03:59:17 pm

You failed to mention that Base Camp was indeed next door to JB Roofing Supplies. :P Hence the incredible funny.

5/12/2011 04:01:10 pm

It was, I thought on the same street sufficed. Apologies. It was funny either way.


5/12/2011 04:03:03 pm

Well, no...cuz my immediate thought (I must not have voiced it) was that maybe they were filming on the roof of JB's Rooding Supplies...

5/12/2011 06:14:32 pm

Re: the t-shirt: I was thinking about the rugby reference, and it so fits. Rugby is hugely popular in Wales, and I think it was in "Cyberwoman" we learned that despite having lived in Cardiff...for a very long time, Jack had never seen a live rugby match. Which I find hard to believe, 'cos, y'know, rugby players may not always be pretty, but they're, well, muscular. Somehow I think Jack would would enjoy watching a rugby match very much ;-)

And red is Ianto's colour.

5/13/2011 11:12:25 am

I love the tee!! I want THAT tee lol

As for JBs moonlighting job/business!! lol too funny! Did you pop in and ask him for a pricelist? I'd have gone in and asked to see Johna nd see what they say. Could you imaghine how funny it would be if the guy was called John! hahaha

Ok wasn't that funny! lol

Mickie x

8/27/2012 03:50:15 pm

Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!"


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