49 Days left and I have videos you may not have seen. Recently, I think Monday, John Barrowman appeared on a Canadian TV show called InnerSPACE. I posted a little web-exclusive clip from that as well as a short clip of the actual interview on my TWTW blog. I wanted to make today be all about this interview because more videos have come online (what I am hoping is the entire thing, but as I don't live in Canada I just don't know) and because they are some really great clips. John is adorable and gives some insight about the next season. Links to the show's website for each of the 4 clips are below:

John Barrowman "Torchwood Characters"

John Barrowman "Torchwood"

John Barrowman "Spoilers"

John Barrowman "Sheep"   

Ok now if you haven't watched them yet...watch them. Done? Great! How about we discuss what dear John had to say. I think we should start with the 4th one "Sheep". Oh how that made me laugh!! John is so cheeky! I think he's the cutest person ever. And if you remember I used his fake spoiler for part of yesterday's 50 Days blog.

Then there's the Torchwood clip. I love, love, love (yes 3 times) John's hard sell of the show. He could sell ice to an Eskimo that guy. AND when he lists all the amazing actors the show has he starts with "It's got John Barrowman" I don't know if it's more endearing that he put himself first or that he's referred to himself in the 3rd person. Then we have my favourite quote to come out of Torcwood: Miracle Day interviews to date:

"What else could you ask for!?  Turn it on and if you don't like it just turn it off and switch to another channel. But I guarantee you you'll be hooked."

Preach JB! You tell 'em! I agree completely because first of all, yes, what else could we ask for? (except that one thing) and EXACTLY John Barrowman is a wise fellow, give Torchwood: Miracle Day a shot and if it's not your thing move on. But it'll be your thing. Perfect. Have I mentioned I love him?

Next is the "Torchwood Characters" clip. And I jotted down a few quotes from that:

"...characters that are story driven… it's not all about action it's not all about sex…they're emotional….they are a lot like people who are actually out there."

I for one am really glad to hear that they are going to continue giving us relatable characters and not try to over-sell the sex and action. I think a lot of people were worried they were going to use cheap tricks to attract new viewers but really, not Torchwood.

"We've got a bi-sexual hero, or an omni-sexual hero, played by and openly gay man. That's a big first in our industry and I'm really proud to be a part of that...He's really gay in this series."

As for Jack's sexuality, we've already heard they are not going to make him straight but apparently they are going to make him a little more gay. I have no objections to this but if I'm being honest I'm surprised by this move. I don't know why I'm surprised, I can't put my finger on it, but I'm happy about it. More boys kissing? OK! And by the way, I love John Barrowman, he's perfectly right to be proud of that, well done Torchwood.

Last is the "Spoilers" clip. First John says:

"Season 3 ended on a dark note…series 4 is even darker."

Which is immediately followed by Dana saying I TOLD YOU SO! Not that anyone disagreed. Oh Torturewood.  Also switching from season to series in the same sentence made me laugh, poor dear is getting confused switching between UK and US words. And he ends with:

"...I don't want to spoil it, although I know the sci-fi fans love spoilers, but you're not gonna hear them from me."

Bless you John Barrowman, well said. Aren't you proud of him for keeping shut? I am and I hate spoilers, so good on him.

I enjoyed the hell out of what is actually a rather short interview. As I said I'm not sure that was everything from the show but I am glad we got as much as we did. It's cool as a US Torchwood fan getting to see clips from Canada or the UK. Thanks SPACE Channel for sharing!

So what do you think? Is Gwen birthing a sheep a better story than Mum Gwen? Do you like that Jack is going to be a bit more gay? Have I mentioned I love John Barrowman? Do you love John Barrowman? xx


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I got a tweet response from @SPACEchannel concerning this blog and wondering if the whole segment was online. They said the following:

@SPACEchannel  @BarrowmanDay the three were all the clips that were on innerspace (sheep was extra) the whole bit w/ Teddy + Ajay's chat is up on the blog

So that's good news! That is everything and you can see the blog with the whole thing at this link: http://www.spacecast.com/article/Excited-for-Miracle-Day

Yay for SpaceChannel! Which is of course the network for Torchwood: Miracle Day in Canada. thanks again.

5/20/2011 02:32:17 pm

I am all for a little more gay Captain Jack! :D While I weep for Ianto - as we all know - a little more gay means no Gwack! And this is something I celebrate, for a few reasons.

1) I think Jack and Gwen would make a TERRIBLE couple. They are FAR too similar in personality, and would self-destruct.

2) I hated the will-they-won't-they vibe they tried to go with in the first two seasons - it was insulting to Ianto. Plus, it was insulting to the viewers I felt. They didn't need to go there.

3) RHYS! Who doesn't love Rhys!? Gwen and Rhys work, so they should keep Gwen and Rhys together. *NODS*

4) Jack + Men = HOT. Yup. We need more guy on guy action on TV and JB is just the man to bring it to us. Yup Yup Yup!

That's my two cents anyway.


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