48 Days left and as I'm writing this the UK is watching Doctor Who. Today I am grateful for this blog not just because it helps pass the time until Torchwood but because it's passing the time until the US catches up and I can watch the latest episode of Doctor Who.

Waiting for this episode got me thinking about the series so far and how two of the four episodes that have aired have been scary and tonight's episode looks like it will be too. I promise I'm not turning this into a Doctor Who blog but it is brought on by this trend. If you don't know I am a giant wuss. I am scared of everything. I don't like scary movies, thrill rides, heights, spiders, everything that has ever scared anyone and a whole mess of things that only scare me. Because of this I have missed out on a lot of things. I know my limits and I don't put myself through things I won't enjoy or that will give me nightmares.

So when I am watching TV, watching Doctor Who and villains like the Weeping Angels and the Silence are turning up, I am truly terrified. And I'm not the person who enjoys being scared, I don't get that. If I loved Doctor Who less or the show got scarier I might talk myself out of skipping an episode or two or just dropping the show entirely. And I don't want that.


Now here's where Torchwood  comes in. Like Doctor Who, Torchwood has had a couple of creepy moments. Not quite as much. Thinking about it 'Countrycide' is really the only scary episode. And even then while it made me uncomfortable it didn't really scare me. It was more disturbing than horrifying, I actually love that episode. No! I am wrong! Totally wrong. There is also 'Small Worlds', weird that the two scary episodes of show were back to back. Now that episode truly terrified me. I still get a little worried when it's windy.

Through all the series of Torchwood I have stuck with it. I have put aside my discomfort or the general worry that it could get scary at any moment because ultimately it's an alien show. I love the show and I am willing to take that chance. And now Torchwood: Miracle Day is 48 days away and I can't help but wonder if in addition to getting more depressing as I assume it will, it will get scarier too.

If you read yesterday's 49 Days blog you'll remember John said in an interview "Season 3 ended on a dark note…series 4 is even darker." He specifically mentioned COE ending with Jack sacrificing his Grandson. So it seems he was talking about emotionally darker, but what if it's also darker in the horror aspect!? I was reading some old tweets the other day, from someone on the TW: MD crew and it said something about creating an alien for the new series. So assuming that is accurate and there is an alien and they have that bigger US budget to make it very convincing, what horrors wait for me?

I'll say it now, no matter how scary Torchwood: Miracle Day or any series to come might be, I will continue to watch, even if it's from behind my fingers. This is tied in first place as my favorite show ever (with Pushing Daises) and I will not give up on it. But, I really really hope it's not scary. I do not like the idea of having to turn away from the screen and miss moments of the show or God forbid John Barrowman's face. I don't want to be up all night waiting for the aliens to get me, my general insomnia is enough without the added fear of something lurking in the dark.

I know a lot of people like to be scared and I know sci-fi fans specifically like it, but I am hoping they stick to stories that are if not appropriate for the whole family (sexual content and all) could be watched by the whole family without giving the kids, and Dana, nightmares.

What do you all think? Is Torchwood: Miracle Day going to get scarier? Would you like it to? Would any of you stop watching if it did? xx


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