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47 Days left and we have the first lengthy trailer courtesy of Access Hollywood. I suspect that Starz made a deal with Access Hollywood to give them exclusives as they come out. The only US interviews and footage from Torchwood: Miracle Day are aired on Starz and Access Hollywood. I really should make it a point to watch whenever it's on just in case. Anyway the latest trailer is posted below, give it a watch and then we'll discuss.

The trailer I am writing about on this blog was removed from YouTube by Starz and the official video isn't on the Access Hollywood site that I can find. I will try to find it and add it here. Until then A trailer which had the clips we saw as well as some more has been posted on YouTube BY Starz, so this will take the place.

Now about that trailer. I love it. I love that we finally have more actual scenes and enough to tell quite a bit about what the feel of the show is going to be. It does certainly feel different to the past series but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. My friend Christina (one of the founders of Barrowman Day) said that it seemed the bigger American budget changed the look of the show. Also that Torchwood on the BBC was more dark and gritty like an independent film. This was too clean. I think her point, and this is just me coming off of her comments, is that it loses a bit of the rough around the edge charm that we're used to. It's not necessarily a bad change but it's something that might take some getting used to.

The thing that stuck with me most from these clips is the scene with Esther and Jack in the fountain and all wet. First because, hello, wet Jack, who is going to object? And second because I totally saw them film that scene and I heard the splash. I saw John and Alexa soaked through and in fact that's the night I got to meet John and Alexa. Also known as the best night ever. I think this series of Torchwood will be even more exciting because of those memories.

Watching the trailers and teasers as they come up I think they are doing a good job of making it just the right amount of mysterious. I am confident this will grab new viewers and more people will fall in love with Torchwood and it's incredible cast and production team. From where I'm standing, it looks good (yea, I did quote COE, too easy).

Now that you've seen a good deal more than we've seen before are you more excited or worried? Do you like the different tone this series seems to have? Did you like that bit where John Barrowman was wet? xx


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5/22/2011 14:49:47

Oh c'mon, of course I like wet Jack. But, it's the actual line he says in that scene that is brilliant. The Jack we know and love!

About the trailer in general: love it, as it gives us more actual footage. As for the whole tone, well, there's a lot of explosions & guns. But this trailer is specifically aimed at an audience that has probably never heard of Torchwood. So of course the imagery is as "grab you by the lapels and shake you" as possible. And there were lots of guns and explosions in series 1 - 3 too. Love the scene whith Gwen shooting while holding the baby, I mean, wasn't that a bit of a joke to begin with ("now she's a mum and shoots aliens while holding the baby at her hip")?

Yeah, by the trailer it does look a bit more....can't put my finger on it...more polished? Doesn't have to be a bad thing. Seriously though, I can't wait till we get to see the finished product!

5/22/2011 20:52:54

Love Love Love the new trailer! And Jack wet? I love that even more!
That said, TWMD does indeed look more polished,and I gather we'll be seeing a lot of other stuff besides the team...and that was something I didn't much like in CoE!
Back to the trailer. Gwen looks different. I can only hope she's less annoying and self-righteous in the new series. Pissed off Gwen blowing up stuff? That's somethimg I can get behind. Probably still won't like her much, but I'd love to stop hating her!
But Jack! OMG! I NEED MORE Jack! Stat...

5/23/2011 08:30:40


5/23/2011 08:32:39

"Sorry about the wet hug..." *deja vu* (IN YO FACE, OTHER PEOPLE!)

Tammy a.k.a. SOUL1essHarpy
5/23/2011 22:59:46

Thank god, I thought it was just me that was noticing the film quality difference. It's not so much how they film it but what they film it ON. It did look 'different' to me, as well. I may be talkin out of my arse here, but 4 me, the WAY something is filmed (camera/film, whatever) does make a difference, however slight, to the overall feel of a show...for me, not speaking for any1 else, though. It has always been obvious to me how different shows 'look' and I hope it won't affect the familiar feel of Torchwood. (I'd really hate that.)

That being said, I can't really judge from the quick-clip trailers we've had tossed in our laps. I can't wait for it to start, I've not been a fan as long as most, so I can imagine every1 else's anticipation level. Unless it winds up being complete shite story-wise, no more Day 4's please, I will continue to watch religiously. I absolutely love the show and have from first episode. Besides, it's John as "Captain Jack Harkness" and that means a guaranteed thrill ride....


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