44 Days left and we sure got a treat today ! IGN.com posted some gorgeous Torchwood: Miracle Day promo pics! 38 of 77 pictures in their Torchwood gallery are from TW:MD. The rest are good too.

Sitting here, I am trying to find words. Words to describe my thoughts on these pictures. That's a how a blog works really. I make words. Opinion type words. Words, words, words.

Well I posted a picture below. Just one, the awesome team shot, the rest you can see at the source. No, really, go look right now. Go look. Then come back and we'll chat...

My initial thought was, finally! We've been teased about these pictures for quite a while now and I'm glad they released them. I think the whole cast looks great.

There were a few pictures that interested me particularly. I'll break those down.

Jack and his one night stand
Great shot and I'd be lying if I said the scenes we know will follow don't excite me. As much as I love Janto and as ready as I am for Ianto to come back, Jack has needs and I needs to see where this is going. Meaningless sex? Gratuitous nudity? O.K.

Gwen and baby Anwen
This picture is hilarious. I mean, Anwen is the cutest baby ever, the cutest going to be deaf baby ever. I know she's wearing ear-muffs and props to Gwen for even considering the noise of the guns, buuuuut, I'm not sure it would be enough protection. Oh well, cute baby is cute.

Jack and his Vortex Manipulator
Jack in all his Captain Jack glory. Great picture which is particularly cool because there were some question for a while as to whether Jack would still have his Vortex Manipulator. I guess we know now for sure. Also, the blue shirt and red braces...aces.

Rhys and Gwen
This is just cute. I adore Rhys and I'm glad to see Gwen with her eye on the prize. And he is a prize.

Jack in a crowd
This picture is lovely, and downright haunting. I really don't know what to make of it but I like it and I am definitely intrigued.  I think it would make a great wallpaper. Hopefully Starz releases some of these as wallpapers.

Jack and Gwen in...an Office?
This picture is curious. First thing you notice is Gwne on the screen and it's vaguely reminiscent of  Lois from Children of Earth and the Torchwood camera contacts. Maybe they're bringing them back. After you question the obvious you look more closely and you can question the details. One thing I noticed was the circle heater in the center of the room. I think I have that heater. Other than that, I look around the room and, what the hell is that place? it looks like a messy office UNTIL you see the wooden otter statue in the bottom left corner?? Maybe it's a bear?? Either way what the hell? I just don't know what to make of this picture.

That's all I have as far as commentary. What did you think of the pictures? Do you think baby Anwen's hearing will survive? What the hell is that Otter thing?! xx


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"Cutest going to be deaf baby ever."


So cute though. Seriously. I can't. Even.

And her name is so Welsh I die. I really do.

And that picture of the office. Loving that officey feel. *snort*


OMG! Those Jack pics are so swoon-worthy, I kinda ignored all the other ones! Lol Vortex Manipulator Jack is awesome, and I've chosen that as my new 'puter background. :) Why isn't it July yet??

Tammy a.k.a SOUL1essHarpy

Finally some more Torchwood to gawk at!

Jack and his fling: I agree, I miss our Ianto and need to see Jack at least a bit messed up about losing him, but what better and more "Jack" way than to shag anything that moves to forget...plus, the dude is waay easy on the eyes!

Cute as a button Baby Anwen:(must take after Rhys) that kid's gonna need Kevlar baby grows, or better yet Torchwood needs a baby-sitter! Ear muffs or no ear muffs, that poor baby will be deaf by age 2!

Vortex Manipulator: Was he able to get it fixed while roaming the galaxy? I bet that could impact their ability to deal with aliens if he could teleport again.

Waiting to see if they establish a new Hub and if it is indeed that office we see in the pics.

The longer trailer is awesome! I am still more than a little miffed at the obvious lack of photo/video images of Kai! What gives?

July can NOT get here fast enough for me!


I haven't had a chance too look through all the pics yet, but what I have seen I love. Jack just looks amazing...as ever!!!

The whole cast look great! ok thoughts on the pics you've posted here!

One night stand: Yeh can't tell alot from a hand shake can we lol...I did hear about JB going Nude!! lol

Gwen & Anwen: Cute cute cute!!! Did I say cute?

Jack and his Vortex Manipulator: How cool is this man? VERY! lol

Rhys & Gwen: What a lovely picture! I love Rhys to bits! He's such a lovely man!

Jack in a crowd: Oooh love this picture!!!

Jack & Gwen in....an office: Makes me thing of our beloved Torchwood, but even more techy! Yeh I can see what you mean about Lois. Whats with the meerkat in the left corner? lol

Some great pictures!!! I'll take a look see at the rest when I get a moment!!!

Mickie xxxxx


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