43 Days left and I just read 10 Non-Spoilery Thoughts About The First Three Episodes of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'. This is one of a few accounts popping up online of episodes of TW: MD from people with press kits. I am so jealous and I am weary of what I read because I hate spoilers. But the title of this one, specifically the 'non-spoilery' bit convinced me to give it a look.

After I read it I was bothered, there was more than one moment that had me scratching my head and I realized I wanted to write this blog, in response to that blog, because I think some things need to be said. So, click the link in the first paragraph, give it a read and prepare to nod in agreement with my commentary.

Below is a point by point of my issues. The bits in red are quotes:

Torchwood famously killed off all of their boring, boring cast members over the course of the run...


Just so I am super clear. So I know I read that right and tell me if I'm hallucinating this but DID THAT JUST CALL TOSH AND OWEN BORING? In what world are Tosh and Owen boring? I have never heard Tosh be called boring. She is sweet and clever and tragic and hopelessly devoted to Owen. The character is layered and endearing and incredibly relatable. I guess that makes her boring? And Owen? Owen is not boring. I have heard criticism, a lot of people consider Owen their least favorite character because he's an ass hat and treat Tosh like crap sometimes. But I love Owen, I loved Owen before they explained what makes him so bitter and my heart broke with his once we found out. Owen is a lot of things and some people might not like him, but boring he is not. This is insanity. I don't understand.

I Hated Torchwood Seasons One and Two, But Loved Children Of Earth. Will I like this series?

I am trying. I am trying to wrap my head around this. I am trying to figure out how in an attempt to create 10 talking points, this author though that this was a question that needed to be answered? What is going on?? Anyone? Someone? Please for the love of Barrowman someone name ONE PERSON who has this concern! WHO EXACTLY hated Torchwood seasons one and two and loved Children of Earth??


Friends, fans, someone explain it to me. I've certainly heard the reverse. There are lots of people who loved seasons one and two but hated Children of Earth. Seriously, just ask around, a large group of fans think COE ruined Torchwood. I don't know who the author was talking to but he/she is in the serious minority with this opinion and making it one of the 10 points of the piece implies he/she thinks it's the popular opinion. Sorry for the he/she business the author is named Alex so I have no clue.

Seasons one and two suffered from being a too Americanized version of a British show...

I don't know where to start. This is the beginning of the answer to the question no one was asking. The entire paragraph is a mind fuck but I'm gonna take it a ridiculous thought at a time. So this first statement. How? HOW?


How is this BRITISH SHOW Americanized? And why would they do that? Torchwood  seasons one and two are British TV by British creators, made for British audiences. The US got to see it but lets be honest about the target. It was created as a spin-off of Doctor Who which is about as British as British television gets. The author goes on to explain that the seasons are trying to push boundaries like a kid sticking his hand closer and closer to a pile of mud. I don't see that at all. The only boundaries Torchwood pushed are maybe those of adult content and even that was not so extreme and I really don't see how that equates to Americanized. I call bullshit.

(In TW:MD) rather than a British series trying to be American, you’ve got an American series that takes on the earnestness of British television.

My brain hurts. I cannot argue the opposite because I have not yet seen Torchwood: Miracle Day but the premises of this statement, shown in the previous point are just unreal. Am I wrong in thinking...NO...I am not asking I am yelling


I am not wrong in thinking that it is chief amongst the concerns of British fans and American fans alike that NOW, THIS SERIES, will be Americanized because it's being co-produced by an American station, with the addition of American creative teams, American actors and aimed at gaining new American viewers. So to say, essentially, that bringing the series over to America, they finally managed to make it more British is hogwash. I am just dumbfounded by this whole line of thinking.

There’s actually way too much plot to waste time on sex scenes. No, I can’t believe I wrote that, either.

Oh, I see. They can't believe they wrote that...


Of everything that was written in that blog THAT is something the author thinks, how unbelievable!? I...don't...know...

...stellar lead performances from John Barrowman and Eve Myles.

Oh looks something that actually makes sense! A positive review for excellent actors. But you know what? After everything else I've read?


I am sorry for all the yell type loyal readers but this blog was a mess of ridiculous. I know, I am certain John and Eve will be as brilliant as always and I have faith in the new cast as well but if I'm just an average reader, reading that blog, horrified as I am by the utter insanity, I would think seriously about whether I trust this persons opinion. Oh well. I feel better having let that out. For the record though I do not have any negative feelings towards this author or wish them ill. I actually think they are a competent blogger but I could find very little to agree with as far as their opinions of the past. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and these are mine. No offense intended.

Speaking of thoughts, how about yours? What did you make of the non-spoilers? Am I reading this wrong or is my understanding of the common fan wrong? Would you like to disagree with me? xx


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5/26/2011 03:40:18 pm

Yeah, I didn't get most of the stuff either. Tosh & Owen boring? Seriously??

But but but, there's veh important info too: So, we're gonna get the Jack/Brad sex scene in ep 3. But it's gonna be PG-13, so no full monty, righ? What does PG-13 mean in America? No bare butts? And this: "there's even one particular scene I think we'll (sic) be passed around in screencaps for a looooong time". So, maybe we'll still see John's butt?

And the bit about Jack's alias in the first episode? John Smith? Owen Harper? James Harper? Someone Jones? Intriguing.

By the way, in the extended trailer, there's a shot of Mekhi I think on an escalator and he's on the phone, I'm guessing listening to Alexa Havins' character. It's just a brief glimpse, but right in front of him is someone who's wearing a coat with 3 blue stripes on an epaulette. Hmmmm, who could that be...

5/26/2011 04:27:20 pm

Okay, sheesh, I rewatch the trailer, and I don't know where I got the escalator part, looks like Jack is walking in front of Rex in the crowd.

Tammy a.k.a SOUL1essHarpy
5/26/2011 08:43:38 pm

*shakes head,confused*

Has this blogger ever ACTUALLY seen Torchwood prior to this 'screening'? Considering the content of that blog, I'd say that's a RESOUNDING 'NO'.

I just don't have the energy to point out all the inconsistencies, for two reasons. One, because Dana's already pointed out most of them and two, because I'm afraid I'd be ranting on for quite a while.

I just want July to hurry up and get here! I'm suffering massive Torchwood withdrawls, here!

5/27/2011 03:37:45 am

BORING!!! Why did they bother watching is all I ask! Idiot!!! Agree with you on all counts about Tosh & Owen!!!

If they hated the first two so much, what made them watch 3? *eyes roll* Could do without numties like this!! Personally I enjoyed all 3, though obviously there were parts of 3 I didn't like.

Series 1 & 2 too Americanized? WHAT?! I thought it couldn't have been more British myself!! Idiot idiot idiot!!!

"(In TW:MD) rather than a British series trying to be American, you’ve got an American series that takes on the earnestness of British television."

Not sure HOW they can gather anything from what they have seen!!! Are they REALLY a fan? I am really wondering this...I still can't figure what made them watch series 3 when they hated the first two SOOO much!!! I've only read what you posted and my head hurts!!!

No you're not wrong about how worried fans are that it will be Americanised, can't be helped really when the balance of people who are America and British swings more towards American...But I am not prepared to make judgment until I've seen it and nobody should!

Too many Sex scenes?! There wasn't THAT many in it!!! Where they watching the same show as us?

Yep I agree with everything you said Dana!! All I wonder now is were they watching the same programme as us? I am begining to wonder! lol

Hugs & love on a stellar blog!!

Mickie x


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