39 Days left and I'm thinking about the future. I know, it's a weird notion, that someone writing a countdown blog in anticipation of the future would be thinking about the end of that countdown.  I'm already plotting my Friday nights for the 10 weeks Torchwood: Miracle Day airs and I've already run into a scheduling conflict.

And now you're thinking, Dana, you are clearly obsessed with Torchwood what could possibly be a problem within 10 days of airing? What could potentially keep you from watching an episode as it airs? The answer is Comic-Con. I've been thinking about this and it's really a shitty situation.

Every year I go to Comic-Con because I work in comics. It's something I look forward to but this year I am concerned about that Friday night. It's weird as a Torchwood fan going I am both excited and nervous. I'm excited because I am assuming that Torchwood will have a presence at the convention. At the very least I anticipate a Starz or BBC booth with Torchwood represented in some way.  I actually think it's fair to assume we'll get a Torchwood  panel and that any number of the stars and creative team will be there. And then of course there's this:

@Team_Barrowman  Dont ask Torchwood questions as I cant answer...DUH!!! but get to Comic con if you can.... jb

John Barrowman tweeted that on March 11th. That's not as good as a promise but I think there is a good chance he'll be there. So how could I not be excited? But what about the episode? I am hoping that Starz considers this dilemma and arranges a screening of that weeks episode. Maybe I'll write Starz a letter begging for it. If that happens I have no worries but if it doesn't...

I'm going to be staying in a hotel and there is almost no chance they'll have Starz. I don't really know many people who live in San Diego and who knows if any of them have Starz. I don't want to miss this episode! I can't imagine waiting a weekend to get home and catch up. And there is NO WAY I can be anywhere near the internet without getting spoiled for that long. So here's what I'm thinking. I think we need to come up with a plan should Starz not provide us with a screening. SOMEONE LIVES IN SAN DIEGO AND HAS STARZ! And that someone really wants to invite me over Friday night! Maybe SOMEONE wants to have a Torchwood party and invite all of the fans of the show to watch? I'm accepting invitations now.

I am hoping this will all work out, even if I have to find someone with a webcam to point their camera at their TV so I can watch from my computer. I'll do it, don't underestimate how much I want to see this. Comic-Con aside I plan to watch every episode live, and like my Doctor Who nights I'll have weekly gatherings at my place with my Torchwood pals to watch.  It's just that one week...OH HELL. I AM WRONG! IT'S NOT JUST THAT ONE WEEK!! I just looked over the weeks again. WEEK 9  - falls on one of the nights of Dragon-Con!! I will be in Atlanta Georgia!! I am now planning a way to get to my friends house in Savannah...she has Starz! Jesus if Torchwood could please stop getting in it's own way! I am going to Dragon-Con to go see Gareth David-Lloyd!! Oh hell, I need a screening there too, who has a house and Starz?

I am going to try not to worry about this, but I wish the US was like the UK where they aired the shows online at the same time they aired on TV. I am so bummed, why is this so difficult?! By the way episode 5 airs the day before my birthday and HA episode 7 is on Ianto's birthday!! It's also my friend Jeremy's birthday, but more importantly Ianto's. Ok wait we need to just make a list:

Week 1 - 8 July  (No conflict, fun, can't wait)

Week 2 - 15 July (All clear)

Week 3 -  22 July (Comic-Con Grrr)

Week 4 - 29 July (No Problems)

Week 5 - 5 August (Day before my birthday, count on a Torchwood themed party)

Week 6 - 12 August (Good to watch)

Week 7 - 19 August (Ianto's birthday. And Jeremy's. But Jeremy likes Torchwood so he won't take me away. I HOPE that if Gareth does appear on this new series, it's in this episode. That would be genius. Better yet the show planned that, they are going to have it air on the day it is in the show so the show will acknowledge it's 19 August, Ianto's birthday and Jack is torn up thinking about him and then he comes back. REBORN ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Best...plan...ever. Or at least a "I miss Ianto" flashback. Sounds good, great, glad we agree. Now I want to have a Ianto birthday party for that viewing - and I will.)

Week 8 -26 August (Nothing but Torchwood)

Week 9 - 2 September (Dragon-Con - Gareth David-Lloyd will be there which is Torchwood awesome. But I hope I don't have to miss the episode for it )

Week 10 - 9 September (No one will keep me away from a TV for the finale, try and stop me.)

Of course this is all assuming we get 10 consecutive weeks and something dumb like a holiday doesn't delay things. S'pose we'll see. Oh man this is complicated eh? Planning for the future? What about you guys? Are you all set to watch (assuming the UK has the same air dates)? xx


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You seem to have it more or less pinned down to a fine art. I will miss 2 episodes while doing the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party, however, I know God willing I will get it on my pvr. Dates in conflict - 26 August, 2nd Sept. Pity I don't want to hear about spoilers.

Go to Comicon, you'll probably see it at the con.The episode scheduled for that friday. They (Starz) wouldn't be that foolish to pass up such a great promotional opportunity.


This Jeremy sounds like a tramp.


But in all honesty, it would be a little surprising if BBC/Starz didn't have a booth at THE BIGGEST CON IN THE US that isn't full of dirty, smelly comicbook people anymore (thank me, Jan Brady, that Hollywood ran them out). And, barring anything else, I imagine somebody is going to have a viewing party in their stank ass motel that night. Plans will be made.

Speaking of motels, you and Jeremy need to figure out what the frell you're doing. Jan Brady is concerned.


At least you'll get MD starting 8 July. I'm here in Northern Europe, and I'm so going to watch it somehow on the internet (Prolly very illegally, which is baaaaad, m'kay. Capt Jack's about the only one who can make me break the law. But I'm gonna buy the DVD later, so that's how I'm justifying it.). I get BBC Entertainment (their continental cable channel), but it never shows anything new. Still haven't seen any of the current season of DW. Right now they're showing reruns of 'Allo 'Allo, for Boe's sake. I mean, it's funny, but OLD. Internet, I thank you.


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