38 Days left 'til Torchwood: Miracle Day and it's Tuesday. That means it's time for the Torchwood this week wrap up. Below are this weeks offerings:


'Torchwood' scoop: How Starz handles Capt. Jack's love life (Great article with quotes from John, Eve and RTD, plus a HUGE SPOILER, you've been warned - read my 40 Days blog about it)

Exclusive First Look: Captain Jack's 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Makeover (Including details of the new coat from @Trpcic)

10 Non-Spoilery Thoughts About The First Three Episodes of 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' (My 43 Days blog about that)

How Torchwood plans to gross us out by going all Walking Dead (Also a SPOILER in this one)

Torchwood: Miracle Day “Not A Reboot” Says Russell T Davies
(Minor SPOILER included - From a interview in @SFXmagazine 210, out next week)

'Torchwood' creator: 'New series is US/UK clash' (SPOILERS as well, a lot of spoilers this week, some repeating each other)

SPACE Reveals New Series and Anticipated Premieres with Chockablock Summer Schedule (Torchwood Marathon)


IGN.com released 38 NEW Torchwood: Miracle Day Promo stills! (And my 44 Days blog about that - I blog a lot)

Barrowman between takes filming Miracle Day :)

A couple of pics of John from next weeks SFX magazine #210 (go buy it!) via @kerry2611(@BarrowmanDay TwitPic)


Behind-the-scenes video from Starz. US only. Non-US fans can see it on @Torchwood4Fans Facebook

For those outside the US, here's the @GoodniteBurbank segment w/ John Barrowman. (He talks about Torchwood so it counts!)

Torchwood will be included in the following magazines, so try to get them:

June Issue of The Advocate magazine.

Next issue of Doctor Who Magazine (Not sure of the issue number but it's out on 2 June in the UK, may take a week or two longer to get to the US)

SFX magazine #210 (Out next week. It's a UK magazine but it's available in select book stores in the US, Australia and more. Try Barnes and Noble or Borders)


Week 5 Highlights - So You Think You Can Dance 2011(with guest judge John Barrowman - nothing to do with Torchwood, but it's nice)


After much consideration I have decided that for blogs 32-2 (starting Monday 6th June) I am going to do a episode a day of Torchwood there are 31 episodes and I thought it would be cool to watch each of them together as we count down to Torchwood: Miracle Day. Not quite sure how the blogs will go, probably favorite moments, random rants and the like. If you're interested in watching with me and chatting about it by all means. My 1 Day left blog will be reserved for last thoughts and Tuesday's in addition to my episode blog will still include Torchwood this week wrap-ups. Hope that sounds good to all of you, I am excited to watch the whole series from start to finish for the millionth time. It'll be fun. :)

That's it for this week! If you've seen more feel free to post links in the comments below, to tweet them at us @BarrowmanDay or send us an email at BarrowmanDay@yahoo.co.uk. As always, we're not claiming any ownership of the content. Did I miss anything? xx


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