37 Days left and I'm excited about Torchwood: Miracle Day. Of course me being excited is hardly news but tonight I got to observe the excitement of others as well. Let's start at the beginning...

Tonight I went to a Buffy comic signing/event which featured none other than TW:MD writer Jane Espenson. Don't get me wrong, I was totally there for the Buffy stuff but it would be pretty tough to see Jane and not talk about Torchwood.

In fact I was going to resist, going to tell her I loved the latest comic she worked on and be all about the Buff. But I went with my friend Cristina, who like me is a huge fan of everything Jane has worked on and loves Torchwood. She was in front of me in line for the signing and started talking to Jane about how she was excited for Torchwood.  Jane mentioned that she'd seen some early cuts of her episodes and that she was so excited about how the show was coming together. Of course I heard this and now I was excited. Everyone...was...excited.

Then it was my chance to talk, and I've met Jane before so I didn't really want to take up too much of her time. I wanted to let the other fans get to her so I resigned myself to a quick hello, I love the comic and one Torchwood related something. Now my other friend Jeremy who was with me was holding onto my phone to take a picture of Jane and I and it was blinking because I was being tweeted at. Someone was talking about whether or not Rhys was going to die in Miracle Day because we see Gwen alone with Anwen in the trailer.

I guess I never thought too much of it. Rhys isn't always by her side, certainly not in battle, but that's not the point. The point is, it was on my mind just then and so I asked Jane if Rhys was going to die. My one Torchwood indulgence for the night came in the form of a question I wasn't really wondering about. In case you're curious she said she can't say for sure but I shouldn't lose too much sleep worrying for Rhys. All in all it was a fun event, glad I went.

Story over. I had a couple of ideas for ways I could expand this into a deeper blog topic but I'm running out of time to post and I really don't have a fully formed idea, maybe it'll wind up a later topic. For now I will leave you with the story and the picture of Jane and I from tonight.

But since this needs to ask a question, as I promised you all my blogs would do... Do you think we'll see a lot of main character deaths in Torchwood: Miracle Day? Any characters in particular you reckon are doomed? Are you also excited for Torchwood: Miracle Day? xx


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