35 Days left and I spent a good part of my day thinking about my future blogs. Specifically I was thinking about the Countdown To Miracle Day Re-Watch  (starting Monday June 6th) I have planned for 32-2 Days. I've been debating how to approach those blogs, I think it's going to be a set format like the Torchwood This Week blogs I do. I'll have different sections of things I discuss about each episode. I'm definitely taking suggestions if you have input. But, that's not the point of this blog.

The point or this blog is the topic I never got around to yesterday on my 36 Days blog. I told you all about how I got interested in Torchwood and my experience watching for the first time. What I am thinking about now is other first time viewers, future first time viewers. I'm hoping that with this Re-watch, in addition to old fans refreshing themselves of what has happened folks will encourage their friends to watch for the first time. What better time to pull a friend in than when we are preparing for the new series?

This got me thinking of what made me finally give Doctor Who and Torchwood a chance. We went over all that yesterday but now I am wondering about what it would take to get others to give it a chance too. The most direct routes in my experience to pull someone into a fandom, or to at least get them to give it a chance are simply asking them to trust your opinion and liking it to other things they have known and like. So that's what I am going to do. I am going to break down a few elements of Torchwood in the ways I have described it to friends in order to give you ideas of how you can invite someone in. Shall we?

Torchwood (the series overall) - It's a show about a small group that operates 'outside the government and beyond the police'. This is the part when I start to struggle explaining. I generally say something like 'there's a lot of weird stuff and Torchwood investigates, sometimes it's aliens.' When trying to accurately describe what the show is about fails me I start comparing. I generally say it's like The X-Files or  Fringe. I always say X-Files because I loved that show growing up and the first two series of Torchwood are very like the majority of X-Files, contained stories within each episode with larger over-arching mysteries. I like to bring up Mulder's sister and Jack's brother and the cool parallel there but that is a bit of a spoiler. I also mention Fringe a lot. But I mention it very vaguely. I've never seen the show, never had an interest but I cannot tell you how many people call Fringe the American Torchwood. Apparently if you love one show you will necessarily love the other, and I've heard fans of both shows say this about the other and there is certainly fandom overlap. While my previously discussed bias towards Sci-Fi in general has stopped me from giving it a chance yet, it's a great way to get others intrigued. Go ahead, try it.
Captain Jack Harkness - Jack I describe as a former con-man and man-whore who is immortal and is using his immortality and his extensive alien know-how (here I explain a bit about Doctor Who) to lead a team and help protect Cardiff and the planet. Then I start making comparisons, really the comparisons are better than trying to describe characters flat out. So as what got me interested I always say he's a mix between Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds. He's the endlessy charming, never quite plays by the rules main character that you will fall in love with. You will.

I am actually going to stop here because the rest of my descriptions have given me an idea for another blog topic, probably tomorrows. But really, if you sell a friend on Jack and Torchwood they're ready to go. We'll do a part 2 tomorrow I think but 'til then think about what I've said, consider converting your friends and await the maybe interesting blog coming tomorrow.

How about you? Have you sold any of your friends on Torchwood? Have you ever tried and failed? How do you describe it? xx


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