34 Days left and I promised you part two of yesterday's blog 35 Days. In case you haven't read it,  I brought up how to entice future viewers into the fandom and how I've described the series and Jack to them. I was going to continue on and describe the other characters but I decided to hold off until today because the rest of the characters make up a blog topic of their own.

If you somehow missed the memo I work in comics and I'm a huge comic book fan, as are about 80% of my friends. As a result when I describe Torchwood to my friends I do tend to slip into relating them to comic book characters. That being the case, today I will present, the other characters, as well as Jack revisited as compared to members of the Bat Family (Batman and his side characters.) I am only going to include the former 5 main characters as I really don't know enough about the new characters to judge. Here goes:

Jack - Jack is Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson is best known for being the original Robin, but he's since moved on to the title of Nightwing and eventually Batman. I think the character and his evolution is very similar to Jack's. First of all it should be said that Dick is good looking black hair and blue eyes, which is pretty close to Jack and an insane body (yes I know he's a drawing no need to get creepy). Thinking about it he grew up in the circus which is a fun parallel because Jack was part of a traveling show. Not quite the same I know but kind of cool. Dick is also like Jack in the he's a bit of a man-whore, always flirty, but more or less faithful when he's in a relationship. He's charming, and also happens to be my favorite male comic book character ever, stay tuned for my all time favorite (who is a girl - and on this list). Furthermore, Dick lost his parents when he was young, which isn't quite like Jack but there was the family tragedy. Dick is a funny character, he's cheeky and he has a really good heart. I mentioned the evolution of the character and I think they are really similar in that way.  Dick started out younger than Jack for sure but when he was brought into the world of Batman he was very light hearted. He was sort of the comic relief and brave in the way someone who is inexperienced is. When Jack first came to be with the Doctor he was adventurous and more than a little cocky this is very much like Dick as Robin. Then Dick grew up and took up the name Nightwing. As Nightwing the character matured a lot and while he was still the same charmer he was more aware of the realities of the world he lived in. He even took a role of leadership with the Teen Titans. Dick as Nightwing with the Teen Titans is very much Jack at the start of Torchwood. He became the default leader and had to grow up a lot. With both characters, while there may not be as many fun moments, were enriched by having had the past they did, having learned from it and finding themselves as leaders. Then Dick ended up in the role of Batman and Dick as Batman is very much like Jack in Children of Earth.  He's the experienced leader taking on a lot more and not by choice. The character went through a lot and really became more tragic. Tons of pressure was squared on both their shoulders. Tough decisions had to be made. I love Dick Grayson, I love Jack, I think they are both great and the comparison works for me.

NOTE: Since we're talking comics if any of this sounds interesting I encourage you to check out these comic characters in addition to Torchwood. Moving on.

Ianto - Ianto is Alfred Pennyworth. A lot of people make this comparison knowing very little about the character.  They know he's the butler and confidant of Batman. He keeps the Bat-Cave running as Ianto does the Hub. But the thing about Alfred and Ianto that makes them so alike to me is that they are much more than what meets the eye. Alfred is a secret bad-ass and has way more uses than just a butler. He's had experience before he was a part of the Bat Family and so has Ianto. He's a vital part of what makes the team work. Oh, and both character's are quite capable of kicking ass if the need arises.

Gwen - Gwen was a tough one but I am going to say that Gwen is Tim Drake. I'm not sure she's a perfect fit for any member of the Bat Family. I decided she's Tim mostly because he came to be part of the Bat Family by figuring out the identities of Batman and Robin despite the improbability of doing so. Gwen figured out Jack and Torchwood so I think this is her spot. As for personality similarities, Tim is WAY smarter than Gwen is, he's like freaky smart but he's also street smart. Gwen could be akin to him in that way with good instincts, sometimes. Tim also has the most normal life outside of crime-fighting which is very much Gwen's thing. Gwen is Tim, works for me. Yeah I know Gwen's a girl but she's nothing like any of the females in the Bat Family.

Owen - Owen is Damian Wayne. Let me say at this point while we can draw parallels between traits of the characters, the character relationships do not translate in the same way. People who know the relationships will see how off some of those connections would be. Just assume that's not the case. Anyway, Damian simply is a brat. He's gone through stuff in his past and he takes it out on everyone. He whines a lot and gets on peoples' nerves. I love Owen and I hate Damian but I can definitely see the comparison. I'll leave it at that.

Tosh - Beautiful, wonderful, brilliant Tosh is Barbara Gordon. Barbara is my favorite comic book character ever and the similarities with Tosh is partially why I love Tosh so much. Barbara was originally Batgirl and has an on-again, off-again relationship with Dick, which is Jack. So you see how that doesn't work. But Barbara is brave and capable even though she's bookish and underestimated. Or she was at one time. She later took the name Oracle when she put her genius to work as a super computer wizard. Sound familiar? I love Barbara and I love Tosh and they are both brilliant characters.

Before writing this I discussed the idea with my friend. I ran by her who I thought everyone was. She was quick to tell me that I couldn't do Torchwood as the Bat Family without having a Bruce Wayne. I was going to make Jack Dick/Bruce because he's the leader, but it just didn't seem right. Dick is a leader and head of the Bat Family once he takes the role of Batman. So I decided I am going to make Bruce the Doctor. I know it's not a perfect fit but there has to be someone above Jack and that's the only one I could think of, because he's just not Bruce. The Doctor is the leader at the end of the day of all the companions and he has the most responsibility. The Doctor is definitely a dark character like Bruce.

So that's today's silly blog. I hope you at least see some of the similarities and maybe this might get you to pick up a comic. I read comics, comics are cool. Sorry about how lengthy this got, it got away from me. For any of you that read comics and know these characters, what do you think of my choices? Do you have better ideas? xx


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