33 Days left and I'm working out details. A couple of days ago I announced that my blog for 32-2 Days left would be dedicated to a Countdown to Miracle Day re-watch. Starting tomorrow, for the next 31 days I'm going to re-watch every episode of Torchwood and blog about it. You might think it's a cop out because I'm running out of blog topics but really it's out of necessity. I decided I wanted to re-watch each episode before the premier of Torchwood: Miracle Day and fact is that with my current work load and this blog I just don't have the time, unless I combine my re-watch with the blog.

The details that need working out mostly have to do with the US and UK time difference. I really want all of you to join me for the re-watch but the only way to make that fit my schedule and not have the UK asleep is if I watch early morning or late night. My decision, the best I can do so we can watch at the same time is if I watch my daily episode at 12:00am every day. I live in California so each episode will be watched at 12:00am PST (west coast US),  3:00am ET (east coast US) and 8:00am GMT (UK time). I know some of you will be asleep depending on you schedule but I am doing my best. If after a couple of days it's not working and you guys suggest a better time I am not against changing it, but until further notice this is what we'll do.

At this point you're wondering why I am trying to find a time to watch all together, when it's for my blog. Well, in addition to my daily blog I'll be live tweeting my thoughts of each episode on the @BarrowmanDay twitter account. If you want to join and watch together be sure to follow us and we can chat. Feel free to tag your tweets #CountdownToMiracleDay and #Torchwood.

The blog contents are up in the air but they will probably include things like favorite moments, quotes and random rants, like my blog as usual. My 1 Day left blog will be reserved for last thoughts and Tuesday's in addition to my episode blog will still include Torchwood this week wrap-ups. Hope that sounds good to all of you, I am excited to watch the whole series from start to finish for the millionth time. It'll be fun!

Remember the Countdown to Miracle Day re-watch will start tomorrow 6th of June. I'll be live tweeting at 12:00am PST, 3:00am  ET (sorry) and 8:00am GMT (UK). The blog will come later in the day.

Tomorrow's Episode is Series 1, Episode 1 Everything Changes

Of course if you can't be around for the live watch, watch whenever you can and hopefully you'll enjoy the blog. Or really if you've seen the episodes at all, which I'm guessing most of you have. This is it though, one episode a day, last chance to catch up before the new series. No more excuses if you're behind ( I'm thinking specifically of my friend who still hasn't watched Children of Earth) we'll get through it together!

The last thing I want to do is make this blog all about my blogs to come, not much Torchwood so I wanted to post one little something to make you smile. My friend sent me this. Apparently it's been circulating the internet, I have no idea where it started.


I know this is a joke but, I swear if it wouldn't interfere with Torchwood, I would so be behind it! Could you imagine Jack and River in a room together? Let alone a whole series? It would be non-stop shenanigans. Also, read those credits. As improbable as this show would be, the rest of the people involved would no way happen. Main issue is David Tennant. Not that I don't love David Tennant, it's just not going to happen. The time lines just don't work, in so many ways, not to mention David left Doctor Who I can't imagine he'd come back as a regular on a spin-off.

But it was a good laugh and it would be a pretty fun show. Don't you think? If you could have any fantasy spin off what would it be? Are you ready for the re-watch? xx


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6/5/2011 01:28:38 pm

Jack + River = WIN!

Yep, ready for the rewatch. Did it with the Torchwood 4 Fans facebook group earlier this year, but Torchwood rewatch is always a good idea :-) I'm a couple of hours ahead of UK time, meaning you'll be live tweeting while it's mid morning at work for me. So I'll join in that if I'm able. I think I'll watch the eps the previous evening (my time) after work (good thing I watched "Everything Changes" last night, Sunday), 'cos that way it'll work for me. But the whole timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff is sort of very appropriate, given we're dealing with time/space in Whoniverse.

And I really really want to take part in rewatch since in real life I don't have anybody to talk about TW. So Thank You, Dana!

6/7/2011 07:01:17 pm

I love the idea of the re-watch of TW...i don't think it's a cop out myself as it will encourage peeps to re-watch themselves. been doing that myself with Megan and we're loving it! It also shows another perspective on the show...what you see and again makes others think themselves what they may have misssed etc

As for the post...I love it!!! Not seen it myself either.

Mickie x


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