31 days left and we continued my countdown to Miracle Day Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is gonna read like an episode guide and commentary. Let's dive right in!

Episode: Day One (Series 1 Episode 2)

Written By: Chris Chibnall

Original Air Date: 22 October 2006

1 Sentence Sum-Up: Gwen accidentally releases an alien that feeds off orgasmic energy.

New Characters:

Carys Fletcher (Sara Lloyd Gregory): A young girl, recently heartbroken and at the wrong place at the wrong time. She's possessed by the gaseous sex alien Gwen let loose. She now has bigger problems than Orlando Bloom vs. Heath Ledger.

Favorite Quote

Ianto: "Need me to do any attacking, sir?"
Jack: "Appreciate the offer. Just open the door."

Never Noticed:

After Gwen has her slip up and the Team returns to the Hub, Gwen is trying to apologize and make excuse and Tosh give her the most devastating I'm-not-convinced eye roll. Unexpected.

The team was mean. They were really mean to Gwen. With exception of Ianto who didn't offer any judgements the whole team was very vicious towards Gwen the entire episode. I almost felt bad for her. Almost, she deserved it.

Ianto brings Jack a coffee and you can see the steam rising. It is piping hot. Nice touch, Ianto would never serve warm coffee. Fresh and hot is the only way to fully enjoy the flavors. I doubt if they thought too much about that, but it made me happy.

Ianto's accent is way more pronounced in the early episodes. The way he says the word "mucus" was heart-stopping. Never thought mucus would be sexy. Welsh vowels are so good.

Jack's hair is a lot lighter in this episode than I remember. Some point through the series he dyed it darker. Don't remember when but it's a noticeable change.

WTF Moments:

The jacket is still there. John Barrowman is just a little less sexy. FIx it!

When Gwen and Carys are having their cell time. Carys takes quite a while to realize Gwen is a girl. Is she really mannish? It's just an excuse for girl on girl action.

When Carys is trying to escape Jack grabs a wooden stick to even the fight against her alien something sharp. Aside from how that wouldn't really help, why was there a random wooden stick lying about? Did I miss him breaking a broom or something? Is it an alien wood stick?

The flashing lights on the SUV. Torchwood's version of a siren.  They keep flip-flopping between keeping under the radar and making an entrance. It's a bit inconsistent.

Random Rants:

In the final showdown with alien Carys Jack says "I've got a surplus of alive. I'm giving it away". He says it right in front of the team and you see Tosh and Owen exchange a look. He slipped up with his secret a little. A secret I'm still not sure why he's keeping. I think this time watching I am going to be paying specific attention to how much he gives away, when and why.

MVC (Most Valuable Character):

MVC goes to Ianto. In an episode full of brilliant one liners Ianto had most of them. He also kept his cool, providing solutions amongst all the mess Gwen made. Ianto is also being awarded this episodes' best dressed. More often than not this goes without saying, but let's take a moment to appreciate how foxy this look is.

MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

Sara Lloyd Gregory. Sometimes a guest character can steal the show. Sara's portrayal is a perfect example. She had some lovely subtle moments, great body language and she, forgive the pun, nailed the high emotion scenes.

Episode Grade:

With a premise almost doomed for failure Torchwood made us believers. It could have been so cheesy, a pretty big risk so early in the series but it payed off.  And the one-liners are none-stop. A very clever and surprisingly touching episode.

Tomorrow's Episode: Ghost Machine (Series 1, Episode 3). Remember I'll be live tweeting my re-watch on the @BarrowmanDay twitter at 12:00am PST (US - West coast) and 8:00am GMT (UK). Hope you all can watch with me and chat.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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6/7/2011 06:33:52 pm

Ok..working backwards again on blogs! Love the idea of the re-watch btw missus!ok blog....

I MUST watch for the Tosh eye-roll...she's great at those! lol

"The team was mean. They were really mean to Gwen. With exception of Ianto who didn't offer any judgements the whole team was very vicious towards Gwen the entire episode."

Jack was nice!...wasn't he? I'm sure he was...well pretty much! lol

The Jacket..hate it hate it hate it!!! Burn it I say!!! lol Oh btw...It couldn't find the picture of said horrble jacket! lol

Gwen & Cary's cell time - Maaaybe she thought it may work...and when nothing happen..well you know lol

Wooden stick....Of course it's alien *shakes head* or maybe it's a torch...wood stick!! get it?1 Hahaha...ok sorry very bad...very bad indeed!

Flashing lights....come on we all know how Unsecret they are....everyone and their mother know about Torchwood lol

Random Rants: He does have this habbit of throwing HUGE hints around...can't think of any right now...but I've noticed them here and there! He did say in 'Everything Changes' that it kind of freaked people out! But when they did find out nobody was running and screaming and freaking out! lol

And Ianto has some fabulous lines in my opinion...some of the best!!! lol

Mickie x

6/9/2011 03:48:20 am

Darn, was supposed to comment earlier, but stupid work...(no, I love my work, but sometimes it gets in the way of hobbies).

The idea of the ep (sex gas alien) is just so incredibly silly and cheesy and it could have gone horribly wrong. But if the intention was to make a point that this show is not DW, and TW is not afraid of anything, Everything Changes and Day One really do that (eg. the f-bomb from the SOCO tech right in the beginning, Jack's estrogen monologue, Owen snogging Colin, sex gas alien, "he just came and went", "quaint categories").

Still sort of setting the stage, getting to know the characters, more of their trademark stuff coming out (Owen being obnoxious, Tosh clearly longing for a relationship, TW consuming all their time).

I didn't remember it, but in the end Jack reveals that he actually knows quite little about his teammates private lives, what they do after hours. Maybe it's a defence mechanism, he knows that the life expectancy of TW operatives isn't long. As we will learn later on, less than ten years previously he had lost all his Cardiff colleagues on Millennium eve, and when Gwen joins the team, the battle of Canary Wharf had happened recently. So Jack had lost pretty much all his London colleagues too. Maybe at this point he doesn't want to get to know them too well for fear of getting hurt (and as we'll learn even further along, a previous relationship with a colleague, Lucia, really did not end well).

The bit about surplus energy and thus revealing his immortality/Something that occurred to me just now: In a job like Torchwood, when they're chasing vicious weevils etc all the time, how the heck has Jack been able to keep his immortality a secret from his team for so long? I mean, in the eps we see, he dies all the time. Of his Cardiff team, at least Suzie, Tosh and Owen have been with him for years. How especially Owen as a field agent and dr has never noticed how Jack bounces back from grievous injuries that really should have killed him? Must have been stressful to keep a secret that big.

Like Dana said, this episode is just full of brilliant oneliners, and the humour really makes it better. The actress playing Carys is excellent with all the emotions going through her.

The legs in the dumpster! I'm sure most of us missed them the first 10 times (I did).

6/9/2011 04:00:27 am

Shoot, forgot to add, about Jack's hair. It'll come later, but did you notice how different Jack' hair is when he joins the Doctor in Utopia after series 1 of TW? Very dark and they haven't straightened all of John's natural curls. 'Cos the TW "horny porcupine" spiky look is so a result of straightening irons.


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