16 days left and we're continuing on my countdown to Miracle Day, Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is going to read like an episode guide and commentary. Let's dive right in!

Episode: Meat (Series 2 Episode 4)

Written By: Catherine Tregenna

Original Air Date: 6 February 2008

Sentence Sum-Up : Torchwood investigates the source of Alien meat, Rhys helps.

Notable New Characters:

Space Whale (CGI): Alien creature that fell through the Rift and was captured by horrible people. They cut it up while it's living and sell off it's meat, which is regenerated. 

Favorite Quote:

Rhys: "Well if you stopped and asked me exactly what I saw in there instead of showin' off…"
Jack (aside): "Do I show off?"
Ianto: "Just a bit."
Rhys:" ...You'd know that I got out by telling them I wanted a job as a delivery boy! So rather than "cock things up", I found you a way to get in! But if you can't handle that, big boy, then you can stuff it!"
Jack: "This is quite homoerotic."

Never Noticed:

All the Gwack action. I couldn't handle it! Every other scene was sexual tension and unspoken feelings between Jack and Gwen and it made me sick! To make it worse a lot of it was right in front of Ianto! Ianto was pissed off this episode and so was I. What was Jack thinking? I was so mad at him and at her. I really had a hard time enjoying this episode because I was so distracted by how Gwacktacular it was. I can't imagine I never noticed this before, but I didn't remember it. I assume I blocked it out and with any luck I'll be able to do that again. It's to the point where I am having a hard time writing this blog because I am so bothered by this episode now.

WTF Moments:

Gwen. I cannot believe Gwen. Leading up to this episode there have been numerous moments when I judged her and her lack of morals. This episode her absurdity skyrockets. I can think of at least three major offenses. First is what I already mentioned, all her moments with Jack, her part in them. Especially with Rhys there for parts of it. Second when she has a confrontation with Rhys. He calls her out on all her lies and bullshit and she acts horrified that he could think anything ill of her. Everything he said was spot on! Short of sleeping with Jack, which she would do given the chance. She's lied, she's cheated and she's drugged him. How dare she react that way! This sickens me. Then she flips it on Rhys, who is so good to her, she says, "His heart is in the right place, but his brain, his brain is a million miles away". Am I the only one going nuts at this point? This is so the pot calling the kettle black. Finally, third, she has an argument with Jack and she says, "So you do have a heart". Someone needs to slap her in the face. That was so uncalled for! I just can't handle it. Gwen in this episode is on my nerves because of the Gwack factor and because she's a horrible human being. I keep trying to like her and I was glad she stood up for Rhys at the end but it was sort of too little too late. And I think she did it for selfish reasons.

Random Rants:

How many of you, while watching, thought 'Rhys is in on it'? I know we were supposed to and for a brief moment I hoped he was. If he was a horrible person and I could stop feeling so bad for how Gwen treats him. I would still feel bad, but maybe not as much. As it is, Rhys is just as wonderful as we thought he was.

MVC (Most Valuable Character)/MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

This is without a doubt Rhys and Kai. Rhys is the hero of the episode and the character you feel for. He's the driving force of the story and Kai does a bang up job of being the bloke we can't help but care about. Rhys is silly and sweet and so the guy you'd want to come home to. Kai is adorable and has a charisma about him that translates and really and brings the character to life. I adore Kai and Rhys and I think he's the redeeming element of  an episode that I had such a hard time with.

Episode Grade:

I don't want to be biased, I don't want to let my annoyance with Gwack and Gwen in general to unfairly grade this episode. I don't want the anxiety I share with Ianto to reflect negatively. But you know what? It's a blog. It's an opinion piece and I am biased! If the upsetting things are so big that I can't even remember the things I liked about the episode that's a flaw. So this episode get's a C. It's average. Some things were funny, the story of the space whale was sad a beautifully written and there's something to be said about an episode that can elicit such a strong reaction from fans. I just changed the C to a C+. It should also be noted that when I live-tweeted my reaction to this episode several people spoke out that this was not a favorite episode of theirs. Last time I heard such a strong distaste for an episode was Random Shoes. I love Catherine Tregenna she's written some great episodes for Torchwood but I just can't get past my displeasure with this one.

Tomorrow's Episode: Adam (Series 2, Episode 5). Remember, I'll be live tweeting my re-watch on the @BarrowmanDay twitter at 12:00am PST (US - West coast) and 8:00am GMT (UK). Hope you all can watch with me and chat.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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My fave bit of dialogue is the discussion between Rhys and Jack in the lorry. Rhys is defending what he sees as his, it's no wonder he's feeling a bit possessive and jealous too. He's the regular bloke, with a bit of a beer gut and a job in a haulage company. How can he compete with the secret organization with the underground sci-fi super-base and alien gizmos and the tall handsome man as Gwen's boss.

Ianto! Took me several viewings to notice what a spiffy overcoat he has and how he's all action hero-y kicking in doors and subduing bad guys when Team TW storm the warehouse. Really not just a coffee boy anymore but a competent field agent.


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