14 days left and we're continuing on my countdown to Miracle Day, Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is going to read like an episode guide and commentary. Let's dive right in!

Episode: Reset (Series 2 Episode 6)

Written By: J.C. Wilsher

Original Air Date: 13 February 2008

Sentence Sum-Up: Torchwood brings in Martha Jones to help investigate a series of deaths.

Notable New Characters:

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman): A medical officer with UNIT. She's also Jack's old friend. They both traveled with the Doctor and survived the end of the world together.

Dr. Aaron Copley (Alan Dale): Good intentioned Doctor who will go to any lengths to forward his medical pursuits. He does a very bad thing at the end of this episode.

**I'm assuming you've all seen this episode if you're reading but if you haven't there is a BIG spoiler and I'll likely mention it.**

Favorite Quote:

Martha: "God, I am so glad to see you, Jack."
Jack: "See, you did come all this way to see me. It's the jaw line. Once seen, always yearned for."

Never Noticed:

When Jack is in Copley's office they are discussing Torchwood's lack of authority there. It went like this:

COPLEY: "Not here, actually. Ask Whitehall. We're fireproof."

JACK: "Yeah. I had a bad experience with a politician recently. I tend not to listen to Whitehall any more."

Never noticed that moment and how perfect it was considering it was an episode with Martha. Bad experience with a politician. I should say so!

WTF Moments:

Gwen seems to think they Mayfly is beautiful. First in the photograph and then in person. That thing is not beautiful. It is disgusting and horrifying. I can see Gwen feeling very sympathetic towards it, doing her, I care about everyone thing. I can't see why she'd think it was beautiful. No. Gross.

Random Rants:

The best pert of this episode is without a doubt what Martha brings to the team and particularly Jack. I adore the fun between Martha and Owen.  The candid and uncomfortable moments with Martha and Ianto are so funny. I even find myself smiling at the girly gossip between Martha and Gwen. Listing these it occurs to me there wasn't much going on between Tosh and Martha, maybe Tosh felt threatened in regards to Owen? For the most part anyway Martha was a great addition to the team. Particularly Jack's reaction to her was really enjoyable. Jack seemed to be genuinely happy to see his old friend and for one episode we got to see glimpses of Jack as he was in Doctor Who. Not that I'd want him like that permanently. I think Jack has change and has grown and while I miss his antics at times his character is so much more developed and interesting and going back just doesn't seem right. I think I've mentioned this before. I suspect that he may have regress a bit come Torchwood: Miracle Day because he's lost so much. I think he might because of that loss put his guard up again and fall back into his default cad mode. I guess we'll see. My point though was it was nice to see Jack smiling so much. Nice to see him with the carefree spirit we originally fell in love with. Before he had the responsibility of Torchwood and caring for his team.

Tosh and Owen. They have been building up since the start of series 2. Ever since John hurt Tosh Owen has become protective of her at every turn. Now Tosh is finally stepping up and being forward about her feelings. She asks him out and I squeal with delight every time! Finally she's put her heart on the line with him and he agrees. You have no idea how happy I was for Tosh. But of course, this is Tosh. Really we should have seen this coming right? Tosh is the tragic character who loves and loses too soon. Her affairs never last more than an episode and their would-be relationship didn't even get that far. I should've seen it coming. Owen dies and Tosh gets her heat broken again. Do you think it was better or worse that Owen was going to give her a chance? Would it have been better if it had remained unsaid between them? We knwo this isn't the end of their story but it sure was a tragic turn. I cried. I loved Owen and I really did keep hoping he'd come around.

MVC (Most Valuable Character)/MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman. I have mixed feelings about Martha overall in her role on Doctor Who but her appearance on this episode as well as those that follow was brilliant. I think she was a nice twist to the team dynamic and she was funny and charming, really livening up the Hub. I adore her relationship with Jack. They really care about each other and it's nice to see Jack with his guard down, Martha knows so many of his secrets, a burden is visibly lifted with Martha around. I had rather hoped that when they needed more members down the line they would have brought Martha in. But maybe she just works as a guest star and too much of her would get old. As I said I have issues with the character, she has at least as many annoying habits as she does positive attributes in general. Regardless loved her in this episode, loved her with the team and I think Freema did a wonderful job of adapting a Doctor Who character to fit in with the tone of Torchwood without it seeming forced. Really spectacular job, she stole the episode.

Episode Grade:

It was a pretty good episode. I found myself laughing through the majority of it and of course crying at the end. I liked it but I didn't love it. It doesn't really stick out when think over the episodes and I certainly don't re-watch it very often. There's something a bit forgettable about it, but I enjoyed it while watching. B+ sounds about right to me.

Tomorrow's Episode: Dead Man Walking (Series 2, Episode 7). Remember, I'll be live tweeting my re-watch on the @BarrowmanDay twitter at 12:00am PST (US - West coast) and 8:00am GMT (UK). Hope you all can watch with me and chat.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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6/24/2011 23:36:01

Hooray for Martha!

6/26/2011 08:48:07

Never Noticed: Really...Then again I watched this one not long after the DW episode so maybe that's why it clicked!

WTF: Especially when it's the size of a small family car! Eeeek!!!

I love Martha in TW and would love to have seen more of her in it. I love the dynamics between her and the rest of the team including Jack because of their secret shared history that only we know about.

I also love the build up of Tosh and Owens relationship in the series. It's lovely. I found myself growing closer to Owne in season 2 were as in season 1 I really disliked him.

I also love seeing Alen Dale in this as I know him from the Australian soap Neighbors and NCIS, both of which he plays a great guy! and so it's great to see him play Mr Nasty!

Agree on MVC & MVA xxxx


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