11 days left and we're continuing on my countdown to Miracle Day, Torchwood re-watch! I'll be watching an episode a day and blogging bits and thoughts. With any luck this is going to read like an episode guide and commentary. Let's dive right in!

Episode: Something Borrowed (Series 2 Episode 9)

Written By: Phil Ford

Original Air Date: March 5, 2008

Sentence Sum-Up: Gwen gets impregnated by an alien the night before her wedding to Rhys.

Notable New Characters:

Brenda Williams (Nerys Hughes ) - Rhys' Mum. Hates Gwen, as any future mother-in-law is expected to.

Banana Boat  (Jonathan Lewis Owen ) - Rhys' best man, fancies Tosh.

Favorite Quote:

Banana: "So do you fancy a little drink later?"
Tosh: "I'm sorry. I'm intolerant to vasoactive amines."
Banana: "Huh?"
Tosh: "Bananas make me vomit."

Never Noticed:

Nothing worth mentioning.

WTF Moments:

The night of Gwen's Bachelorette party she turns up to a gaggle of girls waiting with alcohol and a stripper. W.T. serious F. I get that the idea is Gwen has a normal life outside of Torchwood but this was too much. Issue 1 was that we've never heard thing one about any of these girls let alone seen them. No reason to think they would be at her party or that they even existed. She's not had time for Rhys since Torchwood, why would she be able to sustain relationships with her "friends". This scene should have been totally different. It should've been a sad statement about how Torchwood has changed her life in some ways. It should have been Gwen and Tosh, very uncomfortable and poor Tosh trying too hard. It should've been pathetic with Gwen and her one remaining girlfriend who she's not even particularly close to. If not, at the very least shouldn't Tosh have been invited to the big party? I am offended on her behalf for her invite that got lost in the post! And if it was a case of Tosh not wanting to go they could've mentioned it in a simple Gwen: "I'm heading off, you sure I can't persuade you to come?" Tosh: "Not really my thing". It was just silly.

And another thing about the instant-bridesmaids. Gwen convinces them she wasn't pregnant the night before? No. Just no. I don't care how drunk they were or how much they remember, this is just stupid. I do not buy it, stupid solution to this problem. No!

All the Gwack. Granted, most of the Gwack was fake out Gwack and not actually what they made it out to be. That's fine. I much prefer them faking us out to actually doing it. What I want to know is the writer's motivation in including those scenes. The way I see it, Phil either is really into Gwack or he really isn't. If he's really into Gwack he's giving us all these almost moments because he wants to support the viability of the couple. If he's conversely part of the GwackIsWhack club then he's doing it to give the Gwack crowd false hope…and then crush their spirits. I'm hoping it's the latter, because I like it when people cry. Not really. Maybe just a little.

This is a WTF coupled with a big thank you to Phil Ford who I am assuming included this moment of hilarity. Why is Ianto the DJ at Gwen's wedding? Is there a better answer than 'because'? Do I need one? Absolutely not. That image is permanently ingrained in the happy lobe of my brain. I wish it wasn't just a blur in the background but let's all take a moment to appreciate this quick bit of brilliance:

You guys! The headphones!! Stop it! I can't take it. It's too much. Please can we come up with Ianto's DJ name? Oh if only I were clever. I bet he has one in mind. Moving on...

Random Rants:

Before I begin this section, I would like to point out that today's Gwen bashing takes place in the 'Random Rants' section as opposed to the 'WTF Moments'. That alone is testament to two things: First: Her outrageous disregard for any concept of morality or consideration for others, particularly in the case of Rhys, has stopped surprising me and Second: I must hate her a little less if it's not in the fully negative category. Great let's get on with it, in a rant I like to call "Gwen why'd you do that? Oh, I guess you're not so bad."

Lets get the bashing out of the way. Gwen is a lose lipped whore and I cannot believe after everything she's put Rhys through she would have kissed Jack on their wedding day! Bad Gwen!  Ready to be surprised? That's all. I have nothing else negative to say about Gwen in this episode even if she's a bit on the self-centered side. I'll excuse her as she's getting married and impregnated by an alien baby. Happy wedding Gwen, you get a free pass!

How about what I loved about Gwen in this episode? I know it surprised me too! I love that she woke up the day of her wedding thrilled and seemingly in love with Rhys. I say seemingly cause Gwen still needs to rebuild my trust in her. I love that for the first time the attributes I generally find annoying about Gwen are appealing to me. Yes she's pushy and over-emotional but you know what? I'm on her side today! If she needs to get passionate about something at least it's finally something I feel like supporting. I love Gwen and Rhys and if all she wants to do is marry him, then I'm all for it. Know what else? I felt bad for her once or twice! Waking up in a panic and pregnant, trying to confess your secret life to your Dad who thinks you're crazy. She is genuinely going through some stuff. And while weaker women would have crumbled under the emotional strain our Gwen Cooper rose to the challenge.  I really had, I think, maybe, almost, positive feelings towards her!

But one more thing. When Jack gives them the option of Retcon at the end of the episode she turns him down saying, "There will be no secrets in this marriage". Now. I want to believe her, I want to think she's capable of acting like a human being with a conscience, but the past does concern me. I'm going to pay attention now, see how long it takes before we catch her in another lie. Any bets? And even if she is truthful from now on, is she really, given that she hasn't told Rhys about her past transgressions? Does telling him about Owen and then drugging him get her off the hook for that? I mean, she was honest right? No, I'm not buying it either. But it's fine, as I've said before, I want to like Gwen. I want to see everything that Russell T Davies see's in her. I adore Eve Myles and it would be great to not want to slap her character at every turn. I am keeping an open mind, I'm giving Gwen a second (or thousandth but whose counting) chance. If she can keep her slutty, lying ways at bay from here on out, maybe I'll forgive her in time for Miracle Day!

MVC (Most Valuable Character):

I'm going to say Rhys. Rhys who is the most adorable, wonderful, fabulous fiance and almost husband to Gwen shines in this episode. He's pitch perfect in his emotional outbursts. Love seeing him vocal about his anger as well as intensely protective of Gwen. Not to mention it is sexy on Kai Owen. Rhys steps it up in a big way, proving himself to be a competent provider for Gwen when she needs support or saving from aliens. He never signed up for any of this madness but he shines when the pressure is on. Rhys is a winner and Gwen needs to take notice.

MVA (Most Valuable Actor):

This episode it goes to the truly incomparable Eve Myles, for a number of reasons. First, because whenever I blatantly Gwen bash it's worth reminding that I adore Eve, she's absolutely brilliant and the fact that I can hate Gwen so much means she's very convincing in the role. Second, because she was really spectacular this entire story. She had a lot of story to work with a lot of emotions to get through and she pulled it off without a hitch. She is annoyingly wonderful at her craft. I have a talent crush on her. Well done Eve.

Episode Grade:

I am knocking it shy of perfection because the implied Gwack makes me ill and because the bridesmaids from nowhere are really just too much. That being said, not a bad showing. I had a really hard time picking a favorite quote on this one because there were a lot of excellent moments. A great deal of funny slipped in with some solid drama. There was also a nice bit of horror to it without it keeping me up all night. A nice blend of all the things that make Torchwood the show we love. And on a final note, I love Phil Ford, he's just an incredible writer and a top notch gent. Phil Ford gets an A+.

Tomorrow's Episode: From Out of the Rain (Series 2, Episode 10). Remember, I'll be live tweeting my re-watch on the @BarrowmanDay twitter at 12:00am PST (US - West coast) and 8:00am GMT (UK). Hope you all can watch with me and chat.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed my run down. What did you all think of this episode? Did you notice anything new? What grade would you give it? xx


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6/27/2011 23:31:15

<I>Why is Ianto the DJ at Gwen's wedding? Is there a better answer than 'because'?</I>

Because Ianto Jones isn't gonna trust some Ned to bring the jams - he's gonna bring them himself and still be the best-dressed man at the party!

<I>Please can we come up with Ianto's DJ name?</I>

Somebody's gotta ask him this at a con appearance.

6/27/2011 23:41:44

Been a while since I watched the ep, but isn't Ianto doing the DJing because Mum Nostrovite ate Mervyn the DJ?

6/27/2011 23:49:53

Because obviously her only two friends outside of work were already bridesmaids, and it was either hire Ianto as a DJ or he had to switch and wear a dress. DJ Welshy Fresh decided he'd rather spin.


6/28/2011 00:53:09

Okay, I rewatched a bit. When Mervyn and the two bridesmaids arrive at the venue, Banana Boat comes down the stairs to the lobby and greets him with "Mad Mervyn, the Minister of Sound!" And always humble, Mervyn replies "the Duke of Disco, the Regent of Rock and the Lord of Love". Then, Banana asks if he wants a hand with the deck and the lights.

I didn't check this, but I remember that later, after Jack stops the wedding, the bridesmaids are discussing. One of them says something like "better tell Mervyn not to bust George Michael out of the boot of the car yet". And that's when she goes to look for him and finds him half-eaten.

So, Mervyn was supposed to be the DJ.

Heh, love DJ Welshy Fresh!


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