I've thought a lot about this final blog. After 100 days I still have a lot I can write about but nothing seems quite right. I'm actually kind of over-stimulated. In the last 24 hours I've done nothing but talk about Torchwood: MIracle Day. I've also just re-watched AGAIN Torchwood episodes from Adrift - Day Five. There have been ads everywhere, articles, promotional events and I found the first episode online (US only). I am actually going to watch it again right now. I am so excited I am at a lack for words. I love Torchwood I LOVED Miracle Day (see my blog about attending the screening) and tomorrow I am having people over to watch the official premier. it's going to be brilliant. I hope you all enjoyed reading these blogs half as much as I have enjoyed writing them. With any luck it helped pass the time. I know that this is really only a countdown to the US premier but everyone will follow shortly. I'm sure you'll see more blogs from me, just not every day. Below I am posting my mugshow, something I've been working on from the start, a picture a day that accompany my blogs. 100 days, we did it! Love you all and John Barrowman. Thanks for sticking with me. Are you ready???xx


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