68 Days left and for the last 3 hours or so I've been editing an image on a program similar to photoshop. Not just editing, specifically erasing imperfections and that had me thinking...what if there was an eraser tool we could take to Torchwood?

If we could click some buttons and magic away any imperfections in Torchwood, would we? For the sake of this blog having a topic lets assume we would. And lets further suppose that anything we eliminated would disappear perfectly without any plot holes or damage otherwise to the series.


The following are the things I would magically fix with my digital eraser:

*The Ianto thing: I am calling it the Ianto thing because I don't want someone to open this blog and before they read the above spoilers disclaimer to glance at this and spoil themselves. Hopefully no one will. The Ianto thing was, an unpopular decision to say the least. I am not a fan of it and I think it would be the first thing to go.

*The gun range scene: You know, the sexy Gwack one. I would get rid of that as well as any sexual tension moments between the pair. The engagement reveal, the quiet moments they share, all of it I don't want it or need it. No thanks. Yes I am biased, I have a problem, it's an opinion blog, this is my opinion.

This is the hardest game ever! I seriously sat here trying to think of anything I didn't like about Torchwood or that I would take back. OH!! I know.

*Jack the ass hat: Jack in COE and how he treated Ianto. I'm not saying everything has to be sunshine and rainbows between them but it was an abrupt change in their relationship and I think maybe they took it too far.

See I am stuck again. This is inanity, all of my complaints are down to character deaths and Janto grievances. That says something about this show. I mean I think you know that I love Torchwood by now but I am having trouble even nitpicking. Thinking of it, this topic is sort of like my 86 Days blog but about the past rather than the future.  How weird is it that these blogs fell on 86 and 68 days? That is just nutty, I swear I didn't plan that.

Since you're bound to wonder, I discussed my list with my friend Kristine and she said I should put on Tosh and Owen's deaths but as you see I haven't. Part of me wants to write this blog and just criticize flaws in story and not just undoing what I don't like. I miss Owen and Tosh and I wish they weren't dead BUT I can't quite get it on the list because as much as that's the case their deaths were brilliant. They were heartbreaking, well-written, well-acted and well timed. I don't think all that is true of Ianto's even if some is. So yea, I don't know that I would undo that particular grievance shared by so many.

I know this was short but maybe you can add to this list. What would you magically erase if you could? Is Torchwood perfect as is? Would changing things so fundamentally change the show, that you wouldn't? xx


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05/02/2011 02:50

*smacks side of tilted head repeatedly* Geez, Dana, would ya get out of there? LOL I think that you said it all ;P

05/02/2011 06:31

You're too nice! I'd not only erase the entire Gwack gun grange scene, but I'd get rid of you know who as well... Eve Myles deserves a better character to portray.

05/02/2011 06:32

Gun RANGE! My fingers are being evil.

05/12/2011 06:39

You are so cruel to Gwen..honestly! lol It adds tension o the series...that's what RTD would say! lol It's never bothered me because I didn't think anything would or will come of it! Maybe you could cut the obvious sexy bits out because when she gets going and is having fun shooting away it's good! lol

Ianto...I don't know I can see both point sof view on that one so I shall leave it lol *I am such a chicken* lol

Hmmm...A little part of me has never totally loved the 'Random Shoes' episode...not sure why...just didn't lol

Mickie x


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