42 Days left and I kinda want to write two blogs. There was a tweet this morning that got me in the mood for one blog and then an article in the afternoon that made me want to write another. If I play my cards right I think I can link them and make them one blog. We'll see won't we.


Let's start with the tweet.  Jane Espenson who is of course one of the writers on Torchwood: Miracle Day responded to something a fan said with the following tweet:

@Jane Espenson:

@suedehead81 @pamela_c81 Yes -- I've said that all along. No Ianto in TWMD. But that relationship affected Jack in ways we make explicit.

By the way if you're not following Jane you really should, she's very Torchwood tweety and also has lots of funny/adorable things to share. A+ tweeter and person so do that.

But back to this tweet. There was a lot of discussion amongst fans recently about the possibility of Gareth David-Lloyd making an appearance in TW: MD because of a suspiciously timed visit to the states. As far as I understand, that ended up being a trip to promote his upcoming SyFy channel movie Red Faction Origins. So I was pretty convinced Ianto wouldn't make a recovery or show up in unseen flashbacks.

But what I am wondering and what I am now less worried about is whether or not his presence will be felt at all. Being that this series is meant to be new fan friendly I was concerned that Ianto's existence and death would be something left in the past and ignored.

I am not delusional and we know enough about what happens with Jack in the new series to be aware that Jack is not going to spend all his time mourning and moaning about his long lost love. In all fairness time has passed and it's fair for the character to have healed at least somewhat. I am not anticipating fresh wound Jack. But what I want and what I am happy to hear is likely to happen is for Ianto to have made an impact. For he and Jack's relationship to have mattered and his death to have affected Jack.

In my mind the ideal way this plays out, short of Ianto's resurrection, is something similar to how in Doctor Who we saw the Doctor deal with losing Rose. Even if that's different, for obvious reasons, I liked how they made it matter without having to make it the focus of the show. He didn't go on about her endlessly, he didn't make a big scene, but he had subtle moments that showed he cared. And on more than one occasion he mentioned her and we understood that not having her affected him and he did miss her.

That is all I want. I want Jack to care, I want him to have subtle moments and if he uttered the name Ianto even once, even to a stranger in a bar, it would go a long way towards respecting what Ianto meant to Jack and the fans. And to see Jane tweet that the relationship affected Jack in ways (they) make explicit is incredibly reassuring. The word explicit is in bold and caps in my mind, I think that means they actually address it to some extent. And you know, I've been a fan of Jane's for quite a while and she's yet to steer me wrong. In Jane I trust.

I am looking at this blog now and I have rambled a bit and blog part 2 is also going to be a bit of a ramble so I think I'll actually save it for tomorrow, forgive me. If you want to read the article I am going to be talking about to get ready and also because it's great you can do so here: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/05/27/torchwood-captain-jack/ BUT BE WARNED THERE IS A GIANT SPOILER so read at your own discretion or stop before the part in the article that says *SPOILER*. Then you won't be spoiled. Tomorrow I will address the spoiler but I will have a big red bold face spoiler warning and spoiler space to be safe. Don't worry.

So how do you guys feel about the Ianto thing? Do you think they should acknowledge it and move on? Should they subtly imply for fans in the know? Should Jack actually spend the whole time crying about it? xx


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05/27/2011 19:56

I agree that a subtle mention of Ianto or a flash back would be a good tie-in to the previous seasons with Jack. But we shall see what we shall see. This is mere speculation.
Nice Blog by the way.

05/27/2011 20:21

Jane's tweets today made me really happy too. Like I tweeted back to Jane, Jack carries his history with him & Ianto was a big part of that. I would be incredibly disappointed if their relationship was completely ignored in the new series but Jane gave me a lot of hope that won't be the case. I also agree with you that Jack has had some time to heal (as have we all) & I wouldn't expect him to be like he was at the end of CoE, but I do expect to see some of the scars he carries with him. And not just Ianto either.....there's of course Tosh & Owen but there's also Estelle, Alice, and probably a thousand other relationships we don't even know about. There is even the Doctor to some extent because he probably realized at some point that another Doctor of his is gone. Jack has always been a complicated character from the beginning, both morally & emotionally and that's the Jack I want to see back in Miracle Day. One last thing before I stop rambling...I also want to see the same acknowledgement of history in Gwen & Rhys because they too lost a lot at the end of series 2 & in CoE. They have baggage also...it's just Jack has a lot more of it.

Tammy a.k.a SOUL1essHarpy
05/27/2011 20:40

My only hope for Jack in MD was that they would not completely ignore his grief over the loss of Ianto. Ianto played a pivotal role in Jack's life and holds a special chunk of his heart. (PLUS AS A HUGE IANTO FAN)I think it would be a great injustice to the series if they were to act like Ianto never existed. However, the end is where you start from...

That being said, when we last saw Jack he was headed for the cold-fusion cruiser, I believe and Gwen was 6 months preggers. Now, baby Anwen looks about 6 mos old, so Jack has been gone for I'd guess 12 months Earth-time. We all know from TYTNW, that he could have been gone decades in the equivalent Earth-time. So Jackie-boy needs to deal how he does best...needs to dip his wick into every available oil pot and I for one would expect nothing less from the notorious Capt. Jack, so long as we get to watch *snickers*

06/01/2011 03:47

i would like to say onething i like JB & Jack & of course adore Ianto & GDL & yes Ianto is the best thing happened for TW you guys have different views may be which is fine , thing is it was a conversation between two of us & Jane Espenson simply drag herself in that never asked her if Ianto is coming back to TW MD or not frankly i don't much care now i would like to see Gareth doing different stuff cause he knows how act & to JB & JAne i told Jane this that good luck for the show wish you all success as she asked me & my friend no less then 3 times to check them out but sorry can't do that simple its not the show i love & i got over it

06/01/2011 04:28

And Gareth has yet appear in any of the promotional material or any of the written or verbal interviews to do with Red Faction. I hope Gareths trip to the US was for something that will further his career

06/01/2011 12:39

We've been told over and over to trust the writers and to 'get over it' in regards to Ianto. Well, I have never trusted any writers outside of those for Star trek and Highlander and all that TW has done since "Fragments" (2.12) is disappoint and alienate me so forgive me if Jane Espenson's 'reassurances' are way less than reassuring By 'explicit' it quite possibly means 'don't fear fan girls/boys! Jack gets to be naked with lots of random people and there won;t be any mention of Ianto. That's what you all want!' And believe me, that is NOT what this fan wants. I have never cared for Jack so why would soemthing like this excite me? All I can say is thank goodness MD is only going to be available legally if I pay for Starz or the Netflix demand and I am not about to waste money on it.

06/01/2011 13:32

To be fair judging by her later tweets JE had tried to find an old post by searching her name and accidently stumbled on a converstion between pam and suedehead just joined in-Ianto had not even been mentioned at that point.She obvioulsy took the opportunity to encourage those involved to watch it-
I have no real knowledge of JE as i have not see much of her work-i liked Buffy but did not follow it closely so have no idea which were her episodes-she seems to be a very vocal twitterer and for obvious reasons promotes TWMD.
i think it remains to be seen what is meant by explicit-I was dissapointed in COE in how little reference there was to Tosh and Owen so cannot help but wonder if what we will get is a brief awknowledgement -i already have an idea as to how but that is just me readig between the lines.
Do agree the pre COE publicity did not live up to its implied intentions.
I am still very much on the fence re MD as much of the hype has not inspired me as yet so will watch the first few episodes to see how it goes.As to whether they should move on -i will need to see how MD pans out before makig a decision either way.Unfotunately CJ and Gwen alone are not enough to hold my attention and as none of the new stars are actors I would normally follow I almost wish they had gone with the orginal intentions to use unknowns-more of a blank slate.As i have seen little of the work the current writers have been involved with other than RTD I find it difficult to get excited about an unknown quantity.

06/01/2011 13:35

"and accidently stumbled on a converstion between pam and suedehead just joined in" should have read and just joined in


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