41 Days left and I've got something on my mind. Usually that would mean a lengthy opinionated blog, but not today. Can;t talk about it but it's on my mind and while I did promise you a blog about that article today you'll have to forgive me I'll do my best to blog it tomorrow. But I did promise you a blog, everyday, for 100 days and if you've been following along you'll know sometimes I cheat a bit and post something and make just a few words. Welcome to today's blog.

This is actually something old that I did that very few people have seen. Some Torchwood related art penciled by my good friend Monty Stikkmann and inked by me. Monty you see is someone I worked with on a comic a while back who I still use as an art slave from time to time. So, that in mind, I made him draw me Ianto. Because I wanted it. It's not actually being used for anything. Except this blog, yay for a blog topic.

Now I think it's only fair to say that Monty isn't really a Torchwood fan, so he looked online for reference and of course being a guy found gun toting Ianto from Children of Earth.  Anyway, that's what you get today, hope it's a SUITable  blog replacement. You can also see this on my DeviantArt page a little bigger, which has a link to Monty's DeviantArt page, where you can say nice things to him, if you are so inclined.

Question for the blog...don't you just love Ianto? xx


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05/28/2011 13:19

thats a shofking picture :O and its meant too be ianto :/ pity cuz it would be good if it wasnt sposed too look like ianto :/


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