86 Days left...86...do you all know what it means to 86 something? It's slang, meaning to throw out or get rid of. You could 86 a person out of your restaurant.  You could 86 a plan that you thought better of. I don't actually know if 86 is used in that sense in the UK, but it's pretty common in the US.

Since we're 86 days away I thought it would be fun to do a blog about things I'd like 86ed from Torchwood: Miracle Day. To be clear the fact that I am 86ing the ideas means I am supposing they were at one point considered, but really, some of these may not have ever even entered conversation. I'm not claiming to know anything here, just pondering things they might do in TW: MD and 86ing the ones that should never ever ever ever happen. Ok?

The following is my TW: MD 86 list. Should any writers be reading this, since it's too late and the scripts have been written, feel free to 86 away!

~ GWACK - I cannot emphasize this enough. GWACK is WACK! Now I know what you're all thinking "Dana is single minded and butt hurt about Ianto so she doesn't want Jack and Gwen together", well, that's true! BUT and there is a but, that's not my only reasoning. I think, I really think, that there is something great about a show with main characters that…aren't in love. I'm honestly a little over every show having the Scully/Mulder dynamic, can't any two people just be friends? In real life, I am a big believer in the fact that 2 people of the opposite sex can be friends, just friends, without any underlying sexual attraction. And while it's not the norm, it would be refreshing to see a different expression of their friendship. I realize this isn't going to happen, audience love sexual frustration especially with characters that more than likely will never act on it. It's what people expect, fine, but if I were in charge. 86.

~THE NAME REX - In fact, we can 86 all of the new character names. Rex? Esther? Oswald? I mean, I realize that if my biggest complaint about the new series is that I loathe the character names, we're overall in pretty good shape, but…who thought these were good names? Rex is the name of a cat, maybe a dog, Esther last popped up in the bible and Oswald is the penguin. I just don't understand. Can you seriously imagine in normal conversation saying " I'm going to the movies with my friends Rex and Esther…and Oswald may meet us there."?? I just…do not approve. 86, moving on.

~ ANY ATTEMPT TO REPLACE IANTO - I'm not talking about in Jack's heart, let's be reasonable, he's aloud to move on…in 1000 years time. I mean if there is a new teaboy or teagirl in the show I'm gonna have a fit. Leave the man's coffee machine alone and get to know your local Starbucks. 86 FauxIanto.

~ CHARACTER DEATHS FOR SHOCK VALUE - This is an issue with a lot of shows, and books and films, really if there is a story telling method the shock value death has happened within it's domain. Again, I get it's a typical tactic but I love that Torchwood is a show that keeps us guessing more often than not. I'm not saying that they will, or that they have done in the past, but I am saying I hope they don't. I don't want them to kill the entire new cast just as we start to like them. There is a fine line between Torturewood and ridiculous.  86.

~ STARZ NIPPLE QUOTA - OK so this is probably not a real thing, but in all my experiences with Starz there is a lot of nudity and I think, just maybe the high ups have instilled a nipple quota. Maybe, for every 15 minutes of screen time, they need to show 3 or more nipples and no more than 15 minutes apart. Now, I certainly don't mind nudity, when it's called for, but I don't know that I need to be able to pick out Eve Myles boobs in a line-up either. My point, keep it classy, and if there must me nipples, might I recommend Barrowman man-nipples? 86 the quota.

Now, that's just things a few examples on my mind at present, I'm sure there are things I am not considering but if these things remained out of the story, I would be pretty happy. So what do you think of my suggestions? Can 2 people of the opposite sex be just friends? Can Gwen and Jack? What about those names, Ianto 2.0 or the nudity? Are there any other ideas you would want 86ed? xx


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04/13/2011 22:44

<I>let's be reasonable, he's aloud to move on…in 1000 years time.</I>

C'mon, you saw "End of Time." It's all about JAlonzack! :)

04/14/2011 00:35

I couldn't have said it better! Although... I would do a happy dance if SOMEBODY was killed off for shock effect! Preferably in the first 30 seconds of episode 1! Too bad that'll NEVER happen. LOL
GWACK is beyond wack. Even the sexual tension between them makes me gag. UGH
And what's with the awful trifecta of new character names? Rex? Esther? Oswald? What's next? Bubbles?????
No Ianto 2.0. Recycling = BAD! Characters are not newspapers or plastic bags! If they liked the character so much, he/she shouldn't have been killed off in the first. I remember reading something about TPTB looking for a Asian actress to play a new character on TW, and I was thinking WTF!? You ALREADY had a perfectly wonderful Asian character in Toshiko!
Nipplegate on TW:MD? Like you, I'd rather see John's than pretty much anyone else's! LOL And no man breasts please! Those trailers for The Biggest Loser have traumatised me for life!
I think you've pretty much covered all the stuff I'm leery of for the new series. I'm sure there'll be more stuff to grumble about once the show starts... but with JB onscreen, I can forgive everything... except GWACK!

04/14/2011 08:51

Took the words right out of my mouth, Dana! You have stated the point so succinctly and I totally agree, so no further comment is necessary.

ok, maybe one...THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR IANTO JONES...unless it's Ianto Jones!!

04/14/2011 22:56

@Art - Nah, Jack isn't into werewolves, he like just a bit of hair, like Ianto ;)

04/14/2011 23:05

@Jac - LOL how did I know a comment like that was coming from you? Remember my new years resolution? *resists* I agree about the Gwack, makes me super uncomfortable, hopefully it will be an none-issue next series, but doubtful. I am so glad you see my point about the names, I don;t understand how they came to those, bubbles might have been better! No Ianto 2.0 and other recycled characters should not be present, I don't THINK they'll do this though, hopefully I am right. Nipplegate is fully ok if we're talking BarrowNipples, otherwise...Eh Mekhi isn't too hard on the eyes is he? Yea, only time will tell and with luck any concerns we have will be for naught. JB does make everything tolerable...except Gwack. LOL. Thanks for reading and responding :)


04/14/2011 23:08

@Tammy - We do tend to agree a lot. I am glad to have comments like yours, sometimes I want to just be the fan who shouts about Ianto, but I make an effort for my blogs to be about other things too, so thanks for speaking up on behalf of all of us! I'm on your side!



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