84 Days left and i don't really have much on my mind today. I mean, as always, I am counting down the days 'til Torchwood is back but I don't have some huge rant like opinion to go on about.

What I do have is music. Today I spent the day doing tedious things and the only thing that really pulled me through was the music I had on. Why am I mentioning this in my Torchwood blog? Well, the soundtrack of my day was the lovely music of Murray Gold.

If you are unaware, Murray Gold is a composer who along with Ben Foster created the music for the first 2 series of Torchwood, as well as having worked on Doctor Who. His work is amazing, he does a great job of setting the mood and I can best describe his work as heartbreaking. There is so much emotion in his music that even played aside from Torchwood it tugs at your heart-strings. Really, I've been listening to it all day and I'm super depressed, but in a good way.

So instead of rambling today I thought I would just say I am excited that Murray Gold is going to be composing the music of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Oh, by the way, Murray Gold is going to be composing the music for Torchwood: Miracle Day! See? I really did have a point! There was an announcement a couple of weeks ago which is happy news for me. Below I'm posting a few of the songs he and Ben created for Torchwood, personal favorites. Grab your tissues.

Oh those are all so sad!! So what do you think? Are you a longtime Murray Gold fan? Do you now realize you love him? Do you have any favorite songs he composed? Do they take you back to particular scenes in Torchwood that really broke you? xx


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04/15/2011 23:13

Interesting. Aside from the theme, to tell you the truth I've never really noticed the music in TW. I like this though :)

04/15/2011 23:27

I've always loved the music on TW, right from the very very very cool theme song (and I have both of the cd's), and I've liked Gold's music on Doctor Who too. Altho I think that Ben Foster wrote most of the music on TW 1 -3. There are so many memorable pieces to choose from, the "Alice in Wonderland"-theme when Gwen walks to the Hub for the first time in Everything Changes, to "Here he comes in a ruddy great tractor" in Countrycide. I was so happy they put the "Captain Jack action theme" to CoE, when Ianto saves Jack from the concrete cell. With a ruddy great tractor! It was so perfect and so funny.

And the haunting Owen and Tosh themes from series 2, how they were weaved so beautifully in to the very last scene of CoE, when Jack talks about them on that cold hill somewhere outside Cardiff.

There's always been good pop music on TW too. I prolly would have never heard of Snow Patrol without TW. And who can forget Lamb's "Gorecki" when Suzie is killed again in TKKS.

I'm VERY happy they chose Murray Gold to write the music to TW:MD.

04/16/2011 15:36

Wow...how pleased was I when I saw Murray had been given the commision to do the soundtrack! A big fat YAAAY!..I have to assume Ben wasn't available as I am sure they'd have asked him too. But we have Murray Gold and that is just Fantastic and Brilliant!

Love you babes

Mickie x

04/28/2011 23:12

@Naomi - I am glad you like it, hopefully you'll notice it a bit more now, it's all really great :)


04/28/2011 23:20

@Snowebunny - There have been a lot of great music moments a lot of which you just named. I am super pleased Murray will be on TW:MD as well. Thanks for the comment!



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